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Tra la la, I have a new bed now! Well... it should be coming around the 8th. But I bought one! It was the first time I picked out my own mattress too. A couple years ago, my mom got a new mattress for my current bed, but she just got a regular firm one. I don't like firm mattresses. They make my hips and shoulders sore. My sister's bed at my dad's house is downright awful - I had to sleep there one night and kept waking up every 20 minutes feeling sore, and I was not a happy camper in the morning. It was almost like sleeping on the floor or ground (which I also hate since I frequently wake up in pain during the night). But! I got a plush top! And it feels like happy! I mean, when I lay on the mattress in the store, it was like tiny little hearts were floating up from the mattress. The salesman said the one I bought was the best-selling mattress in the store, and it wasn't expensive either. Yay for happy mattresses! I'm getting a double bed since I don't like having just a twin (they're adequate for sleeping, but I don't just use my bed for sleeping - I like to sit on it to read, knit, go on my laptop, do crafting, etc.). Now I can spread my stuff out more. And I got a free teddy bear too. It was a good day.

I moved most of my stuff over to the house today. I'm keeping most of the boxes in the garage until I have all the furniture set up and arranged, and then I can really unpack. I'm glad my dad has a bachelor's and master's in electrical engineering, because some of the lights were tricky to figure out (some just needed new bulbs, but some wouldn't turn on).

I have a house! Tra la la! And a bed I picked out myself that won't make me sore! Weeee! And I can buy a couch sometime... maybe tomorrow or Monday. A nice little loveseat I can lounge on while watching movies or knitting.

Oh! And I love the random "bonuses" I've been finding in the house and yard. Like the single BOOT under the Basement Stairs of Death. It's not even an old boot, it's just THERE, all by itself. I think I'll give it a name, and it can be the house mascot. And I have two toilet plungers. And somebody left a couple bowls in the basement, it looks like they were set there for a dog or cat. There's a snow shovel in the garage, and somebody left a screwdriver by the walkway steps. In the entry way, there's this weird thing that looks like it might be a book display like they have in libraries (or at least, it would make a good book display). And someone left this picture of a bunch of African animals in the kitchen (I like it, I'm hanging it back up).

The majority of the rooms have cable jacks in them. I bet the previous renters sure liked their TV. At some point, I'll set up cable internet access (might as well, since I could have it in the kitchen, dining room, living room, one of the bedrooms, and basement if I wanted). I'm the one who's supposed to cut the grass, but right now the backyard is nice and meadowy, with dandelions and little purple flowers (except for a giant curiously bare patch and pile of sand bags - I wonder if the previous tenants had a boat or something). I think I'll leave it that way unless the landlord or the people who will be moving to the other house and sharing the yard bug me to mow it. I've never mowed a lawn before, but if I need to, I'll get one of those push mowers that would force me to get exercise and wouldn't guzzle gas or be annoyingly loud. Nothing spoils a nice summer day quite like the sounds of HALF THE NEIGHBORHOOD MOWING THEIR LAWNS ALL DAY.

But I'm going to plant stuff and try not to kill it, and I can get a new toilet seat that doesn't hisssssss when I sit down, and I can sing along with my Bollywood movies at all hours of the night without worrying about other people hearing. And there's a white cat next door. It sits in the window sometimes and watches me when I'm in the driveway. I hope I get a chance to meet neighbor cat sometime. I think we'd be friends.

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