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Screw you, Walmart. Screw you, and your not carrying the one thing I need any more. So, I pulled my usual stunt of waiting until the last minute to go buy rat litter, since tomorrow is trash day. I went to Walmart, and... nope, no more corncob bedding. In fact, it looks like they only carry half the small animal products they used to. And the only bedding they had was pine and cedar, which I am NOT putting in the rat cage, since they're apparently toxic or something. *grumblegrumble* Well anyway, I got some other crap for the house. But tomorrow I guess I'll have to go to Leone's after work and see if they have decent bedding. Curse you, Walmart. I'd stab you in the face, if you had one.

In better news, all the lights in my house now work, and I now have a toilet seat that doesn't hissssssss when you sit on it (f***ing snake, get off my dick!). I yanked the random nails and screws out of the walls, and I'll have fun going around the house equipped with spackle. Spackle is a fun word. Spacklespacklespackle. Weee. I get to be a real do-it-yourselfer. Rarr.

I took my family and Jesse to Don Pablos for dinner. We non-minors got giant margaritas. I must be getting old though. I was going to order an iced tea, but the waitress suggested a margarita since it was nice out, and she didn't even card me. Do I not look 16-18 any more? Goodness gracious. Maybe I'm getting wrinked prematurely or something. Or maybe I look like an actual grownup. *shudders*

Well, since apparently the world sees me as a grownup now, I should go pay my taxes and play golf. Even though I already sent in my tax forms, and nobody plays golf at 11:00 at night. Ha. Or maybe I should just change my Depends, have an Ensure nightcap, and go to bed early. In my oh-so-grownup Spongebob sheets.

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