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I think it's a little sad that reality TV does wonders for my self-esteem. I watch shallow idiots parade around and bitch at each other, and I laugh at them. I can be a real snob sometimes, but then again... they make it so easy for ANYONE to look down on them. Silly "Charm School" girls, with their oodles of cleavage and their catfights and backstabbing. The one shining beacon of light in that show is Monique, and I want to test her cookbook.

Heck, I need to cook something. I've been thriving on mostly pre-packaged crap all week. Me so lazy.

Megan better come back to Pittsburgh this weekend. I've become so boring lately. I made a short list of things I wanted for my birthday and sent it to my mom, and a vacuum cleaner was on the list. For one thing, I HATE vacuuming and will avoid it unless absolutely necessary. For another thing, you can't get much more boring than that. What next, a closet organizer? A huge box of Very Fancy Doilies? (you rock if you get the reference) Granny panties? Sheesh. I hope she gets me a microwave or the TV I asked for instead. To hell with the vacuum. I should at least get a Roomba so vacuuming doesn't require actual effort on my part.

It's funny how Mom and Katie are trying to get me to take the furniture they don't want any more. I'm taking a couple end/coffee tables and the yellow chair I'm so attached to. But I am NOT taking the wicker loveseat. Now, it might have been a nice loveseat back when my parents bought it in Guam 25 years ago or whatever the story was, but the wicker has been pulled out in some places (I know I'm partially to blame for that) and the cushions are questionable. No thank you. I don't even like wicker. You're not pawning that off on me, thankyouverymuch.

Gah, first it was vacuums, now furniture. I really need a life. NOW.

On another note, we had a FABULOUS thunderstorm tonight. The sky lit up in white and purple, and it was amazing. My mom came in soaking wet and blamed Annie (my alter ego/novel protagonist, the goddess of bad weather). I love storms.

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