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i did some shopping online today. i bought a cordless phone with caller id (i tried ordering one previously but it kept having troubles, so i gave up and got another one). i also bought venus soap and a witch shirt. i love wackyjac. i like the underwear they have there, but i only buy it when it's on sale, and i wouldn't want my mom seeing half the underwear they offer if she was doing my laundry. hehe... the "moon time" underwear isn't offensive (unless menstrual references bug you), but i still feel weird if i'm not the one doing laundry. but then, my t-shirts are more questionable than my underwear, and my mom washes those without complaining. sure, she wouldn't let me wear my "sorry i missed church, i was practicing witchcraft and becoming a lesbian" shirt to the murrysville carnival (but i wanted to shock the heterosexual, predominantly catholic and presybyterian murrysville people!), but she deals with my weird clothing fairly well for a muggle. she likes to take me shopping or just buy me things because she wants me to wear normal clothing. hey, this gray hoodie i wear almost every day is fairly normal... and i let her buy me that windbreaker with the neat pockets. and she did pick out some neat pants when we were in hot topic... hehehehe my mom got me raver pants... and pippi longstocking underwear... but at least she didn't take me to old navy that time, where the clothing is so normal it's kinda scary.

anyway, i beat xantan in neoquest on insane. now i just gotta get my levels up, fight rollay scaleback, the archmagus of roo, and all the other creatures. after i beat insane level, i'll stop playing neoquest. hopefully.

I want to meet him!

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