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Real update tomorrow, my eyelids are drooping.

The amazing gurmpy tagged me, so I must do this. This is a really cool idea for a writerly meme too. I've done things like this in the past for writing exercises, but the characters filled them out separately.

1.Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
2. Make them answer the following questions
3. Then tag three people.

[Note: these characters are all in the novel I'm currently taking forever to write, but I've been developing them all in my mind since I was about 16. The gods and the mortals originally had separate stories, but I thought it would be fun to combine them in this project.]
Annie: early British goddess of bad weather, also a fairy
Andi-Loakua (known as Andy): ancient pacific island volcano deity, now a wandering hermit
Maggie: a mortal who Annie befriends, accidentally gains the ability to summon storms after Annie saves her life
Thunder: Annie's black cat, a fairly normal cat despite being immortal
Marina: Maggie's older sister

1) How Old Are You?

Annie: Sixteen.
Andy: Liar.
Annie: Ok, maybe a few thousand years old... but I lost track. I look about sixteen though.
Andy: I've been around a few thousand years too, probably longer than Annie.
Maggie: Seventeen.
Thunder: I'm Annie's age. My mother is the companion of another goddess, and I was a kitten when that goddess gave me to baby Annie as a companion.
Marina: Twenty-two.


Annie: Really short.
Andy: Slightly less short than Annie.
Maggie: Gee whiz, I wonder if somebody is projecting herself onto her characters. Annie is 4'9", Andy is 5', and I'm 5'6".
Annie: You humans, with your numbers and always needing to measure things...
Maggie: *blows raspberry*
Thunder: I'm cat-sized, whatever that means.
Marina: I'm 5'2". I thought you gods would be bigger.
Annie: I thought your balls would be bigger.
Marina: . . .

3)You Got Any Bad Habits?

Andy: Don't even get her started.
Annie: Hey! You're the creepy stalker boy!
Andy: At least I don't go wreaking havoc among mortals and always get in trouble with the Council of the Gods for it.
Annie: That's because you're boring.
Andy: And I am NOT creepy!
Thunder: You're both insane. Man, the stories I could tell about the two of them...
Annie: At least I don't sneak dead rodents into the kitchen when you're asleep and leave disgusting body parts in my food dish.
Maggie: I think I've made a bad habit of hanging out with higher beings.
Marina: Nah, your bad habits tend to involve staying in your room all day, staring at a computer screen. You also have overeating issues, and you never clean the bathroom.
Maggie: I love you too, sis, even though your room is a pigsty and you always belch at the dinner table.

4)You a virgin?

Annie: All the COOL goddesses are.
Andy: Umm... *turns bright red and stammers incoherently*
Annie: You boy-virgins are so cute when you're embarrassed.
Thunder: I've fathered a few thousand litters in my lifetime.
Maggie: Isn't that why you're supposed to neuter your pets?
Marina: Hey, if you were more experienced, you wouldn't want to be neutered anyway.
Maggie: Cut me some slack, I'm just a teenager. Boys don't even like me.
Marina: Good. I'd have to kick their asses if they came anywhere near you without my consent.
Maggie: Hey, when you were my age you weren't a virgin!
Marina: I was fortunate to find love at an early age, and we were ready. We'd been together for two years before we finally cut to the chase.
Maggie: I still think sixteen is too young to do it...
Marina: You are such a prude. I'm buying you a vibrator for your next birthday.

5)Who's your Mate/Spouse?

Annie: I'm happily single!
Andy: I'm... single.
Thunder: Oh come on, you two are just stuck in a crazy ambiguous friendship. I don't see why you both keep beating around the bush. Just pounce on each other and get it over with. You're so in denial, it's ridiculous.
Annie: Umm...
Andy: *hides*
Thunder: Don't worry, readers. They'll end up together eventually, it just won't be in the book. Sheesh, you people have some serious issues.
Maggie: I agree!
Marina: Am I the only one in a stable, non-ambiguous relationship here? I have an amazing girlfriend, Brenda, she's so sweet and wonderful and *gushgushgush*
Maggie: *gags*

6)Have Any Kids?

Annie, Andy, Maggie, and Marina: Nope!
Thunder: I have gifted the world with hordes of kittens over the years. I'm doing my part to make the world a better place.

7)Favourite Food?

Annie: Ooh! Ooh! CHEESE BALLS!
Andy: I think her fingertips are permanently stained orange from the mass quantities of those things she eats. Me, I prefer sushi.
Maggie: Me too.
Thunder: I like birds. Fun AND delicious!
Marina: I like Indian food.

8)Favourite Ice Cream flavour?

Maggie: Ice cream is one of the greatest inventions of all time. I like Oreo.
Marina: Anything with peanut butter and chocolate.
Andy: Mango.
Annie: Strawberry... or cheesecake... or maybe Oreo... or grape...
Maggie: Nobody makes grape ice cream.
Annie: Well they should!
Thunder: You humanoids eat the weirdest stuff! I like a little vanilla every now and then, but if I eat too much, I regret it.

9)Killed anyone?

Annie: Not on purpose... well, I only struck a FEW people with lightning on purpose, but they deserved it! Uh, but people tend to die in my wake. It's just nature. Sometimes I still feel a little guilty, but this is how the world works. Natural disasters can be deadly.
Andy: I... I... um... *hangs head*
Annie: Oh get over it already, that was like hundreds or thousands of years ago!
Andy: *sigh*
Annie: His volcano erupted and buried the city he was supposed to protect. His twin sister was the goddess of the city, and she died that day. He's been a sulky, wandering hermit ever since.
Maggie: Way to be sensitive about it.
Annie: What I don't understand is why people make such a huge deal of death. It happens! It always has and always will, no matter how!
Maggie: You only say that because your job involves killing people on a regular basis.
Annie: You get used to it after a while.
Maggie: Well, I haven't killed anyone. I did maim that girl pretty badly when I accidentally struck her with lightning, but she was almost ok eventually.
Thunder: I kill for food. Never killed a person.
Marina: Me either.

10)Hate anyone?

Annie: Nope.
Andy: Myself, sometimes.
Maggie: Those assholes who pick on me because I'm kinda heavy.
Thunder: Cats have no need for hate.
Marina: Neither do humans.
Maggie: Oh shut up, you totally hate fundamentalist wackos and homophobes.
Marina: They spread enogh hate as it is, it's only fair that I return their sentiments.

11)Any Secrets?

Thunder: Oh give me a break. What is this, a confessional?
Marina: Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. I ate a cheeseburger yesterday and liked it, my t-shirt is a poly-cotton blend, and oh yeah, I'm a paaaaaaaaaaaagan dyke. Now give me the keys to my handbasket, and I'll be on my way.
Maggie: Those aren't really secrets, you know.
Annie: Jeez, everyone has secrets. Like I never told anyone about the time I ran out of clean underwear and wore the same pair for almost a week straight.
Everyone: . . .
Andy: And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why secrets exist, to protect the world from the horrible truth.

12)Love Anyone?

Annie: I love my cat and my friends!
Andy: I loved my people, until they either died or cursed my name, and I loved my twin sister. Now, I just have Annie, who I, uh...
Thunder: *sigh* Come on, it's just completely obvious.
Maggie: I didn't know cats could sigh.
Thunder: I love Annie too, and I'm not afraid to admit it without worrying how people will interpret that.
Andy: I love her too.
Annie: Oh come here, you big softie...
Maggie: I love my dog, my friends, my big sis, and my little brother. Not my big brother though, he's a douchebag.
Marina: I agree. I love my girlfriend, my friends, and my two younger siblings, who are the only cool people in our entire family, besides me, of course.


Annie: Extra cheese!
Maggie: And guacamole!
Marina: Dammit, let's just head to Taco Bell where we can finish this meme in an orgy of deliciousness.
Thunder: Eww, no tacos for me. You can just put the meat, cheese, and sour cream directly onto my plate, thank you.
Annie: That's ok, you can sit outside. They don't allow animals in there anyway.

*a few minutes later, while gorging themselves*

14)Ever slept in All day?

Thunder: You do realize that's what we cats do, right?
Annie: A few times.
Andy: Frequently, especially if I'm feeling depressed.
Maggie: Not during the school year, but in the summer, I don't get out of bed until dinner time.
Marina: I wish I was a cat, then I wouldn't feel guilty about it...
Thunder: *sings* Everybody wants to be a cat...
Marina: Everybody knows why cats shouldn't sing...

15)Favourite Show?
Annie: *sings* Ohhhhhhh, who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
Marina: Since when did this become a musical meme?
Annie: *pouts* Fine, don't sing along!
Andy: I had never watched TV until I met Annie.
Annie: Now he quotes Monty Python all the time.
Andy: My nipples explode with delight!
Thunder: My head is going to explode in a minute...
Maggie: I like Good Eats. Alton Brown rocks my socks.
Marina: Daria.
Thunder: I don't watch TV.

16)Favourite Movie?

Maggie: Labyrinth!
Marina: Rent!
Annie: Lilo and Stitch!
Andy: Monty Python and the Holy Grail!
Thunder: I have better things to do, like sleep!
Annie: I've never seen that one...

17)Favourite Band?

Maggie: Annie, if you say "The Weather Girls," I'm going to laugh.
Annie: Don't make me start singing again...
Marina: I like Tori Amos.
Maggie: Evanescence.
Andy: I like Madonna.
Marina: Are you sure you're not gay?
Andy: Are you sure YOU'RE not gay?
Marina: Um... I'm a lesbian...
Annie: Hee, you said lesbian.
Thunder: I don't even really like music, but right now I'd rather listen to it than these goofballs...
Annie: I like Madonna too... Does that mean I'm gay, like Andy?
Andy: I'm not gay!
Annie: Well you should be!
Andy: What?
Maggie: *rolls eyes* Next question, please!

18)Eye Colours?

Annie: Gray, with occasional flecks of yellow.
Andy: Dark charcoal, with hints of red around the pupils
Thunder: yellow
Maggie: You immortals have weird eyes! Mine are boring brown.
Marina: Mine too.


Annie: Pasty
Maggie and Marina: Me too.
Andy: Kind of a golden brown
Thunder: Sort of gray, under my black fur


Annie: Kinda squishy, but not too much
Andy: Average, slightly muscular, with a hint of a man-belly
Thunder: Oh, you humanoids with your weight... I could care less! I'm a freaking cat!
Maggie: If I was a cat, I could buff the floor with my belly.
Marina: Mags, please stop being so hard on yourself.
Maggie: You'd have body issues too, if you looked like me.
Marina: Well, I'm not exactly skinny myself, I have curves going every whichway...
Thunder: WHO CARES?!?!?!?!
Andy: Thank you.

21)Rain, sunshine?

Andy: I gotta say, I do prefer the rain.
Thunder: It's almost always raining for me, considering who my companion is, so I treature the rare moments of sunshine.
Maggie: I've come to appreciate rain myself, though I do wish I had better control over my powers.
Marina: I like snow.

22. Pool, beach?

Annie: Beach, pools are icky.
Andy: I agree!
Thunder: I like batting crabs around.
Maggie: I avoid bathing suits at all costs.
Marina: I like hot tubs.
Maggie: I'm going to have to agree with that, though.

23)Camping, staying home?

Annie: Home.
Thunder: You're just bitter we got kicked out of a national park last time.
Andy: I like my cave.
Maggie: I'm a homebody.
Marina: That's an understatement, but I am too.
Thunder: Couches are more comfy than sleeping bags.

24)Dog, Cat?

Annie: Dog!
Thunder: Traitor!
Annie: I was kidding, silly!
Andy: I like them both.
Maggie: Cats are ok, but I love my sheepdog, Rocky.
Marina: I have to agree.

25)Believe in aliens?

Annie: They're out there.
Andy: And most of them aren't dangerous.
Maggie: I'm cool with aliens, as long as they don't touch or do anything gross to me.
Marina: Aliens rock.
Thunder: I don't care, as long as they bring me tuna.

26)Natural Born, or Clone?

Annie: I was born the old-fashioned way, thankyouverymuch, but cloning looks fun
Andy: My sister and I were born from the earth, we crawled out of my volcano as children, and she founded the city while I lived in the volcano.
Annie: Volcanos: the earth's vaginas!
Maggie: I thought volcanos were more phallic.
Marina: I thought we were talking about cloning.
Thunder: The natural way is more fun.
Maggie: Pshhh, I don't care.
Marina: As long as it gets the job done.

27)Car or Ship?

Annie: I like flying.
Andy: I walk.
Maggie: I drive.
Marina: I drive too.
Thunder: I follow Annie.

28)Ever destroyed something out of Blind Rage?

Annie: I don't want to give away too many plot details, but yes, on occasion
Andy: I have never felt rage.
Maggie: I kicked a hole in the wall once.
Marina: I ran away from home for a few days once and destroyed any remaining hope that I'd ever get along eith my parents.
Thunder: I'm glad I don't feel rage either.

29)Any Unusual Things about you?

Annie: Nope, I'm just your average crazy fairy goddess, we're a dime a dozen these days...
Andy: So are we obscure, forgotten gods...
Maggie: I'm about as normal as Richard Simmons' wardrobe.
Marina: But at least you have SOME taste.
Maggie: Even a nun has better fashion sense than him.
Marina: I'm just weird too.
Thunder: Well, being immortal and a goddess's companion won't exactly win me the "mundane feline of the year" award, will it?

30)How much food/drink do you need a day?

Annie: I snack a lot and eat small meals.
Andy: I only need a little.
Thunder: As much as I feel I need.
Maggie: *sigh* I overeat more than I should.
Marina: A couple microwaved burritos, and I'm good to go.

31)Favourite Place?

Annie: In the sky.
Andy: Deep inside a mountain.
Thunder: In the woods.
Maggie: In my room.
Marina: Maybe the English countryside.

I tag nobody! Take that, rules!

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