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It's kind of funny how whenever Katie and Jesse are together, somebody gets injured. The other day, I came home to find that Jesse had done some sort of flying leap into Katie's knee. Katie had this interesting tooth-shaped cut on her knee (a rectangular outline), and Jesse's tooth had apparently bent or something. We had to go to Ikea and pick up my couch, and Jesse ended up downing more pain medicine than he should have (his entire face hurt badly from this incident - I hope he eventually saw a dentist about it). So we maneuvered the couch into the SUV and tied it in, but by the time we went to Quiznos for some chow, Jesse was in rough shape (he was starving and the medicine was really kicking in). His pupils were tiny. He ended up napping facedown on a bench outside while Katie and I got food. Poor guy. And this is why it's good to maintain a distance of at least 5 feet from my sister at all times. She causes so much mutual injury, it's hilarious.

It's always funny when Mom and I are downstairs and Katie and Jesse are upstairs. Pretty much every day, it's *THUMP* *SHRIEK* "Jesseeeeeee!" What are they doing up there, playing "furniture catch?" It sure sounds like it.

Last night, I dreamed that I was having a conversation with someone about something that had happened years ago, and the conversation was very vivid and coherent and sounded like what we'd probably say to each other anyway (except for some weird train metaphor). It was very satisfying, oddly enough, even though it was just a dream. Maybe my unconscious was tired of my subconscious dwelling on the past and just wanted closure, so it made up this discussion to pacify my curiosity. Though I missed my chance to "tell" the person he had made a huge mistake, and I hoped he would come to his senses and fix the situation, or he'd continue to be miserable for potentially a long time. Ah well.

So, today I'm going to attack the little nail-holes with spackle, maybe vacuum the rugs or convince someone else to do it since I hate vacuuming, continue arranging stuff, and so forth. Weee.

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