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So, I got Tori's newest album, "American Doll Posse," today. Wow. It's amazing. I am so glad she made an awesome album, and it seems her recent streak of relatively boring albums has come to an end. This one rocks! I can't wait to learn the words and sing along in the car. It's good dishwashing music, too. I was at the house, unpacking boxes of kitchen stuff and giving everything a light wash, bouncing along with the CD. Yay!

I also saw Spiderman 3 at the midnight showing on Thursday/Friday. Yeah, some of the plot points were all too convenient and kind of silly, but that's ok. The action scenes were great. At certain points I thought, "Hey, it's Spiderman vs. Gaara!" Heh.

I'm probably going to have some sort of party around the 19th, as a combination house/birthday thing. I'll figure out the details later, but if you're a friend in the Pittsburgh area, you should come.

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