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My new favorite song is "Bouncing off Clouds." I'm in love with it, and we're going to elope and move to Sweden where it's probably legal to marry songs, and we're going to have a whole bunch of musical babies and eat lots of herring, except I don't like herring so I'll have chocolate instead, ja. I've been listening to it pretty much on repeat when I'm not listening to "American Doll Posse" in its entirety, which is pretty much whenever I'm not at work or asleep. I love how Tori just rocks out on this album, a nice change from the mediocrity of the past few albums. And this song... it's got the beat, the pretty keyboarding, the layered voices, the singability... yeah. Bouncy and fun and I love it.

It also reminds me of my story characters, because I get waaaaaay too into their lives, even beyond what I write about. I think the song kind of reflects several of Annie's friendships, particularly with her fatalistic god-friend who she has a rather pathetic crush on.

When I'm all caught up on my work, sometimes I do some writing. I was busy this morning, but I've hand-written about 3 pages so far today. Woot.

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