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So, I was browsing Storywrite and thought I'd check out the "kids" section to see what the under 14 crowd has been writing lately. Holy crap, I was bombarded by Naruto fanfiction, with very little else. Hmmm. Now, I love Naruto and everything, but fanfic isn't my thing, and I would much rather read ORIGINAL material, which seemed to be lacking in the kids section. Alas. I also wish that random people who write me a note asking me to review their stories could actually WRITE and not make me cringe. On the other hand, there are many good writers on the site (damn you, Megan, for getting me addicted!), and I like the contests.

Reminder: My party is Saturday. Details are in some post I made a few days ago. If you haven't responded yet, let me know.
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