Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

Ha, take that, Voldemort, you toilet of doom! You may have resisted my plunging, chemicals, and auger action, but Tom the handyman guy is coming over at lunch time to FIX YOUR SORRY ASS and make you work and stop leaking water all over the floor from that shutoff valve or whatever! And the shower hot water will work after mysteriously disappearing yesterday! And the basement room of mystery will be un-nailed-shut so I can get the lawnmower and tame the backyard jungle (not that I want to, but I'm supposed to) and find out what the heck is in the nailed-shut room (dead bodies?)! Ahahahahahaaaaa.

Now I can concentrate on preparing for the party, making food, and worrying that there definitely aren't enough seats since the number of people coming seems to grow every few hours (this is a good thing though, it reminds me I still have friends). Well, that's ok, there are a number of rooms with standing space, and if nothing else, I have a large comfy bed where people can sit and talk. But HOPEFULLY the bathroom will be in working order, not flooded, and clean this evening. I really don't want to have to set up a chamber pot or something (ewww).

So, 'twas my birthday yesterday, and despite starting out freeeeeeeeeezing cold (damn shower hot water working perfectly fine until MY BIRTHDAY OF ALL DAYS) and dull at work, it was fun in the end. We had food and cheesecake at my mom's house, and I got the TV I wanted (its name is Snape, since my dad suggested it). And a spice rack! Weeeee! I like spices. They're spicetastic. Now I have everything I need/want for this place, although at some point, I should get a vacuum that isn't my mom's old, crappy one.

And here's a shout out to my kitchen. I love you. I love you, gas stove of awesomeness, you're totally better than electric. I love you, refridgerator that works and doesn't have poop in it. I love you, copious, spacious cupboards. Even though the bathroom hates me, you are the beacon of light in this house, and I look forward to spending many days pretending I'm Paula/Rachael/Alton/Emeril/Mario/Ina/everyoneelseontheFoodNetworkexceptSandraandBobbyFlaybecauseIdon'treallylikethem. I love you all, and may you never cause me grief. Also, I love you, new and ridiculously comfy bed. I have not suffered any insomnia yet (knock on paper, since there is no wood within reach). You are sooooooo comfy. I now know that I have better taste in mattresses than my parents did. Ha! I win.

...Right, time to start tidying, shopping, and making food. I'm making my famous crab rangoons (for the non-vegetarians, as well as myself, since I'm a cheating bastard), deviled eggs, and Rose is making muffins. My mom is making some of these wonderful mushroom and spinach thingies in phyllo that I love and haven't had in years. I'm also going to buy other stuff to have out. Hooray! I may even bake pie. I do make fabulous pie, and I'm not so humble about it. If there's one thing I'm not too modest to brag about, it's certain dishes I make.

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