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ehhhhh film class went on forever today. i hate 2-hour classes. ah well. in art today we did more critiques, and he told us about our next project. we're supposed to pair up and do an installation piece in the campus center. so this girl approached me and wanted to work with me because she liked my dolls, and i said ok. she wants to do something with jellybeans, and i want to do something with my mannequin. we have some ideas.

at lunch today a girl came up and asked me if i was the one dressed as a nun on saturday. i said yes, and she said she thought that was awesome. so that made me very happy. except the school food was depressing as usual.

well, after dinner there's fencing and tuesday group (yay!), then i need to fold laundry and make my bed up. my room is getting messy again, but that's ok. it gives it character. the new allegheny web site makes it really hard to find the dining hall menus. brooks dinner looks really crappy as usual, so i might go to schultz for once (i usually don't go there just because brooks is downstairs). hungryyyyy...

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