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Very interesting weekend. Handyman Tom (as I now call him) came and vanquished Voldemort (Dark Lord of Toilets), fixed the hot water (turns out the water heater was set to "pilot" instead of "on"), and opened up the Chamber of Secrets (the little storage area by the garage, turns out there was no lawnmower but an abundance of tacky Christmas decorations, garbage cans, and rock salt). The party was fun, a lot of people showed up kind of in shifts, and Ben is awesome for driving all the way from Virginia. It was great, but I didn't get to bed until nearly 4 am, because Nick took forever to leave. On Sunday, I ventured to Zaiaka (a cool local Indian buffet I'd only visited once before) with Rose and Ben. I got a call from my mom saying Rose and I should come over and hang out with Katie and Jesse and order pizza (in other words, babysit two teenagers and make sure they don't burn down the house, raid the liquor cabinet, and breed). So after Ben left (waaaaah), we went over and hung out there for a while.

Well, Voldemort was vanquished and lay dormant as Tom Riddle for a few hours, but just as Evil Thom was leaving, Voldemort decided to return in all his glory and summon the anger of Ade and Rose. Grarr. Hopefully, Handyman Tom will come to the rescue again (should I start calling him Harry Potter?). Oh, and the cable/internet will be set up on Thursday. Hooray!

Rose makes a surprisingly good housewife. She goes around barefoot in the kitchen doing dishes and stuff, and I pretend to smack her around when she doesn't. She still isn't pregnant with my 5 zillion babies (and it's her fault too, not because I can't produce sperm and we don't engage in any baby-making activities or anything...). Fwahahahaaa, I'm such an abusive husband. Rarrr. I'm having way too much fun pretending I'm an Alpha Male Wannabe. Any minute now, the feminists will be banging on my door, with their pitchforks, torches, and protest slogans ready. I'm such an ass.

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