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Nothing says "productive" like a day off spent watching a trashy reality show marathon. Hee. Jesse managed to tame the backyard jungle into submission. It looks like a lawn now. It makes me a little sad, since I liked its natural unkemptness, but my landlord wanted it mowed, so booooo. But Laura, Rose and I went to Udipi for dinner, so yay.

Alton has decided he is my new boyfriend and likes crawling down my shirt, poking his head out the collar, and giving me kisses. It's very cute, yet disturbing, because he does it repeatedly. He's lucky he's a cute fuzzy thing, because if he was a human, he would totally be neutered by now. And have brick-shaped welts all over his face. Emeril has taken to molesting Rose as often as possible. So we each have baby rat boyfriends now. Hee.

I was running around unsupervised at Toys R' Us today, which usually leads to chaos, but I managed to behave myself somewhat and avoided the video game section entirely, didn't buy any My Little Ponies, and only LOOKED at the Harry Potter 5 Movie Poster book to, uh, get a sneak preview. Oooh, Luna is adorable. I love Luna. Because she's crazy. Like me. And I thought Tonks would look younger (in my mind, she looks about 20-25), but that's ok. I look forward to the movie. And the final book. I hope it's released on a Friday (I'm too lazy to check), otherwise I might have to take a day off. Because, you know, I WON'T BE ABLE TO GET ANYTHING DONE AT ALL since I'll be doing nothing but reading and occasionally eating and going to the bathroom. And if the release date interferes with my work schedule, it would be better to just read it as soon as possible so my mind won't be preoccupied with ZOMG MUST GO HOME AND READ all day.

Oh, and as I was checking out at Toys R' Us, the cashier asked, "Is your child in the birthday club?"



Wait a second.

My CHILD?!?!?!

Do I no longer look 17? Has something in my appearance changed now that I have a grownup person job and my own place? Do I look old enough to be a mother? [Note: I'm aware that there are many women my age and younger with children, but it still freaks me out because my mind seems to be perpetually stuck in its teenage years]. I could have been buying toys for my 62 zillion little cousins! I wasn't, though - the alphabet magnets, crayons, sidewalk chalk, and little cutesy pouches with fairy glitter were all for a 24-year-old, with one of the fairy glitter pouches for a certain woman who is close to my mother's age (Hey, Francesca and I are on the same goofy childish wavelength, and I definitely thought of her when I saw them and HAD to buy them).

But... But...


And by "old" I mean like... childbearing age. Which I technically am. I got mistaken for a MOTHER while buying TOYS for MYSELF. And I only stopped getting the kids menu a few years ago, when I was in college. *sigh*

That's it. I need to start wearing pigtails or something, or prance around blowing bubbles all day. Weeeeee.

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