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So, I have a new cousin. Jaden Richard Conway was born on Friday, the latest in the babysplosion epidemic among my cousins. Of course, the family is thrilled. I look forward to pictures, and I should probably knit something to send him. Wooo, new cousin! I'm getting another new cousin next month when Michelle joins the family via marrying my cousin Kevin. The family is exploding with new people.

So, young Jaden, welcome to this world. Your mother is likely thrilled, as apparently she wanted to start breeding immediately upon marriage and has accomplished her goal (boy, she didn't waste any time... their wedding was in late August of last year). As long as you develop a twisted sense of humor, enjoy Chinese buffet restaurants, and won't be too embarrassed when we ring cowbells at graduations, you'll fit in with us just fine. In a few years, once you're potty trained and can put a few coherent words together, you'll be pouncing on me with all the rest of the kidlets and demanding piggy back rides. I look forward to meeting you the next time I'm in North Carolina (maybe Thanksgiving?), although I'll probably keep my distance since I'm not really a baby person. But never fear! Once the risk of getting barfed/pooped/peed/whatevered on has been drastically reduced and I know what you're saying, I'll gladly be your jungle gym and let you boss me around, because I evidently can't say no to small, cute things.

Babies, babies, babies. I do like my rat babies. Must find camera cable! Must share the gazillions of pictures I took! You all will overdose on cute!

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