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wooooo it's late at night! i just spent 3 1/2 hours at the writers house! we had an interesting tuesday group involving taste and smell (i liked the grapes, but the vanilla extract killed my nostrils...). then we got into several really long discussions about things like cocoa "body" powder (steph was pretty much getting high off it and couldn't stop laughing), male anatomy, vibrators (see a pattern here?), emily's "vat" of makeup, ganesha, etc. fun! wonder how long i'll end up staying tomorrow after the golem meeting.

it's almost 1 and i haven't done my homework. i also have no sheets on my bed, and my laundry isn't put away. and i'm hungry, slightly hyper, and sorta sleepy. but on the plus side, i was energetic at fencing today. hardly broke a sweat though. oh well.

damn heater isn't working again. it'll kick in about 2 hours from now and wake me up. the night i was finishing my art project i went to bed at 3, and that's when it decided to be REALLY loud and sound like some little person was trapped in there, kicking the pipe every 2 seconds with his iron boot. and of course, the heater is on the opposite end of the room from my bed and computer, where i am 95% of the time i'm in here. *sigh*

time for bed, after i put the sheets on...

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