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I just made hotel reservations for Confluence. I have a nonsmoking room with two queen size beds. I know this is early since Confluence isn't until late July, but I might as well start early and send out my room offer. Pretty much every year, I reserve a room and have 3-4 other people join in. Same goes for this year, although it's at a different hotel (which will hopefully have much better parking and interesting restaurants/food places within walking distance so I don't have to either buy overpriced hotel food, spend most of the weekend starving, live off ramen and con suite snacks, although I will bring ramen anyway because it's a Confluence necessity, go around seeing if a bunch of people want to order a pizza, etc.). I don't particularly care whether it's females only or co-ed, as long as I know/trust the people or they're trusted friends of people I know/trust, and everyone is ok with everyone else in the room. And since there are two queen-size beds, we can have 2-3 people in each bed (I don't remember what size bed we got that one time when they screwed up the reservation and there was one big bed instead of two less-big ones). I know two people can fit comfortably in a double bed (unless they're both morbidly obese), and since a queen bed is slightly bigger (ahhh, the things I've learned while bed-shopping), it could probably fit two morbidly obese people (or regular-size, for that matter), three small to medium people, or half a dozen dwarves (put three on each end!). And then there's floor space, for people who don't mind.

If your name is Megan and I've been pestering you to come, you have first priority (and you WILL come to Confluence, even if I have to take a day off from work and kidnap you myself). If you've stayed with me before, you're welcome to again, because I trust you not to jump on the beds screaming in the wee hours or that sort of thing. In fact, I'm usually one of the last ones to go to bed, since I have the tendency to do things like hang out in the con suite with Zan and some random robot guy until 3 am and feel really guilty about making poor Greg stay up later than he should, and then I finally stagger back and ninja my way into bed. I don't snore, but sometimes people who stay with me do. I don't get plastered (maybe a drink or two, but that's it), and I don't bring creepy people back to the room for questionable activities. We've hosted several Mafia games in the past and will probably host more and be told to quiet down several times. Unlike many people who attend cons (from what I've heard), I actually shower. I usually shower sometime between the morning writing exercises and lunch time, when there's a dull period when nothing exciting is happening, so I won't hog the bathroom first thing in the morning or late at night. I will bring ramen, snack foods, juice boxes, and maybe a case of Mike's, and I share with everyone.

If you're going to Confluence and want to share the room with me and whoever else, let me know by, say, July 20. That gives you over a month. It's first come, first serve, and yes, I will send out another reminder if I don't get 3-5 offers in the next few weeks. According to the confirmation, the total cost for two nights, including tax, will be $216.60. If there are 4 of us, each person will owe me $54.15. If 5, $43.32. If 6, $36.10. It's a good deal. If you make phone calls or get room service, let me know, and you can pay the extra when the bill comes. I don't care when you pay or whether it's by cash or check, as long as it's sometime before we all leave.

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