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i just recycled 25 bottles (plastic gatorade and fruit juice bottles, silly!) that had been lying around my room since i started the doll project. they just kept accumulating. anyway, i went to a golem meeting, and we colored posters and put stickers on them for the halloween poetry reading. now i have 2 different posters to hang up - the golem posters and the anime posters. i've been too busy to hang them, but there are only 8 total so it won't take more than 5 minutes if i just stick with the upper brooks floors, where i haven't seen any yet. after the meeting, i went to jessica and carolyn's room and saw their kitty! they have a cat named sam, but he's really shy. he's orange! i miss kitties. i'm going to find a kitten by winter break. if i don't find one, i'll secretly get one from an animal shelter or something (hey, i'm old enough!) and bring it home. yes, that's what i'll do. my phone came in the mail and i installed it. yay! i haven't used the phone since saturday night, but i'm sure i will sometime this week...

1. Sex: no thanks, i'm not that kind of girl (yet)
2. Age: 19 years, 6 months, and 5 days
3. Birthday: 5/18/83
4. Place of Birth: lawrence memorial hospital in new london, connecticut
5. Siblings: katie, who's almost 13 and the complete opposite of me, patricia, who would be 14 or 15 if she wasn't stillborn (hey, i still count her as a sister), and julia, who's almost 12 and my swedish neighbor, not my biological sister
6. Parents: mom and dad (or bonnie and rob)
7. Pets: at home, there's belle my beloved black cat and nicky, my sister's green parakeet (i got him for her a few years ago after one of our other birds died)
8. Height: 4 foot 8 3/4 last time i checked, but i measured myself so i doubt it's accurate
9. Weight: 135 last time i checked (overweight for my height, but i don't care - i'm HEALTHY dammit! little pudgy people are cute!)
10. Hair Colour: naturally LIGHT BROWN. i'm not blond any more! noooooooo, evilllllll! so much for my "love your natural self" philosophy... :P
11. Eye Colour: like a storm about to strike (if they flecked yellow it would be really cool...)
12. Eye Colour of Choice: hmmm... maybe green or hazel or gray... i don't know. i like my eyes. i like other people's too.
13. Writing Hand: right (i'm boring)
14. Masturbating Hand: wouldn't you like to know ;)
14 1/2. Masturbating Hand of Choice: why use your hand when a vibrator is more powerful?
15. Current Residence: room 412, brooks complex, allegheny college, meadville, pennsylvania, usa, earth, solar system, galaxy, mind of god... (yeah, that's the one thing i got out of "our town")
16. Do you bite your nails?: nope. i use pocketknife scissors!
17. Can you roll your tongue?: yep, but my sister can do all sorts of funky shapes with hers...
18. Can you raise one eyebrow at a time?: i can really only do the left side.
19. Can you blow smoke rings?: i don't smoke or let smoke get near me, so even if i could, i wouldn't
20. Can you blow spit bubbles?: yes, but they don't float off on their own or anything...
21. Can you cross your eyes?: yup!
22. Tattoos?: none yet. i want to eventually get one, but i don't know what or where. something small yet colorful in an area that won't hurt too much
23. Piercings and where?: i had my ears pierced when i was 8, but they closed up. after i had my appendectomy i had staples in my belly, so i said i had multiple belly piercings...
24. Do you make your bed daily?: only when my parents come or when i'm changing sheets
25. What goes on first, bra or underwear?: what's it to you? i don't care, whichever i feel like!
26. Which shoe goes on first?: right. i'm slightly obsessive-compulsive about that.
27. Speaking of shoes, have you ever thrown one at anyone?: hehe yes... and in junior high i threw my friend's shoe at the ceiling, and it knocked a ceiling tile out of place... *giggle* those were the days...
28. On the average, how much money do you carry in your purse/wallet?: depends on how much i have. right now i think i have around $30.
29. What jewelry do you wear 24/7?: just my pentacle necklace i got at my first renfest 3 years ago
30. What's sexiest on a guy?: a BRAIN. and longish hair.
31. Would you rather be on time and look OK or 10 minutes late and look great?: i'm kinda anal about punctuality, and i don't care about appearances.
32. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?: twirl
33. How many cereals in your cabinet?: no cereal here, unless you count instant oatmeal
34. What utensils do you use to eat pizza?: my fingers
35. Do you cook?: sporadically, if my family asks me to or i feel like it. i had cooking my senior year of high school, and i loved it. the guys in my group didn't really want to cook, so they did the dishes, which worked because i HATE doing dishes and like cooking. we made some good stuff, the teacher was really nice, and i had fun joking around with the people in the class.
36. How often do you brush your teeth?: when they feel icky
37. How often do you shower/bathe? every morning (or afternoon if i wake up late)
38. How long does your shower last?: as long as it takes to soap up and shampoo
39. Hair drying method: i usually put it in a turban for a few minutes, brush it, and let it air dry.
40. Do you paint your nails?: hehe nooo, i'm always doing messy things with my hands (that didn't sound right...), and my hands are too shaky to control a brush very well. here i am an artist who can't paint her nails... not that i'd want to...
41. Do you swear?: occasionally, but i'm not a pottymouth
42. Do you ever spit?: well, you see, i have tourette syndrome (not the stereotypical case), so recently i've been spitting a lot. only in the bathroom or outside when nobody is around. i just can't stand the feel of saliva (now how will i ever kiss people?).
43. Do you pee in the shower?: ewwwww no! i go potty before showering!
44. The CD Player: recently it's been the hedwig and the angry inch soundtrack (i've been on a hedwig kick since earlier this year when i first saw it...), the south park "bigger, longer, and uncut" soundtrack, melissa etheridge's "skin" album, and the last cd i listened to was "from the choirgirl hotel" by tori amos
45. Person you talk most on the phone with: megan, i usually talk to her once or twice a week. i called her on saturday. when we're home i talk to laura a lot.
46. What colour is your bedroom?: white with a few posters
47. Do you use an alarm clock?: only if i need to wake up at a specific time. the bells wake me up at 8 or 9 every morning.
48. Name one thing you are obsessed with: one? just one? ok. my mannequin.
49. Have you ever skinny-dipped with the opposite sex?: eh... no... never skinny-dipped before, unless you count taking a bath...
50. Ever sunbathed nude?: nooooo...
51. Window seat or aisle?: window. for some reason, we always end up right on the wing.
52. What's your sleeping position?: fetal position on whichever side i feel like
53. What kind of bed do you like?: one that's the right height off the ground that doesn't creak (like the one i have at home - the slightest movement makes it groan uncontrollably because it's over 100 years old) that has a nice squishy mattress and 2 pillows. i prefer a double, but a twin works fine. NO bunk beds, i hate them!
54. Even in hot weather do you use a blanket?: if it's really hot, i just use a sheet
55. Do you snore?, sleepwalk? Or talk in your sleep?: i only snore when i have a cold, i think i've only sleepwalked once (i woke up curled around a big mirror on the guest room bed hehe), and i talk in my sleep occasionally. my sister is worse though - she yells in her sleep almost every night. last year i scared my roommate half to death... that was kinda funny...
56. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: nah...
57. How about with the light on?: i can't sleep with the light on unless i'm absolutely exhausted
58. Do you fall asleep with the TV or radio on?: can't stand noises. that's why i hate this heater because it keeps me awake!
59. Took a shower?: this morning
60. Watched Bambi: i dunno, 10 years ago?
61. Cried?: i don't know, 2 weeks ago? hey, that rhymed!
62. Talked on the phone?: saturday night with megan
63. Read a book?: well, there's a lot of class reading... but for fun, probably a month ago. i was reading a couple of the stories in "chicks and chained males" while waiting for my laundry to finish washing/drying.
64. Punched someone: probably last time i saw my sister, 2 weeks ago :)
65. Where do you see yourself in ten years?: typing away at my computer in my apartment, feeling anxious about being 29 and completely alone except for a cat, and trying to publish novels while working a crappy job
66. Who are you going to be married to?: my imaginary friend andy! we married when i was 14...
67. How many kids?: if i ever decide to have one, just a little girl, preferrably named amy (sure it's a common name, but i like it...)
68. Your profession or main occupation: hopefully a published author, but probably some minimum wage job
69. Future School: i think i'll just stop after i graduate from allegheny. i don't need a degree to WRITE, and i'm not sure why i'm here in the first place
70. What kind of house you want to own?: either a quiet apartment, a trailer (hehe...), a haunted mansion, or a CASTLE! i think small and big. no medium. no suburban giant house like the one i have now. too boring.

that's that!


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