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Last night, I dreamed that I was at a pet store with my sister, where this really old Chinese couple ran the place. There was a big cage of multicolored hamsters (and one black/white rat), and Katie decided to get this mottled green hamster. So she spent like $35 on the hamster, cage, and supplies. We took it to my house, and I put it on my bed. I left to go do somethingorother, and when I came back, there were these teeeeeny little furry things all over the place. Apparently the green hamster had given birth to a whole bunch of babies on my bed. And my bed was covered in random stuff, so I had to hunt for the babies. Oh dear, I'm dreaming of green hamster babies.

Speaking of Katie, yesterday she made a hilarious slip: "It's a living orgasm!" Muhahahahaaaa.

The Wii is awesome. But I have to fiddle with my wireless router before I can connect with the internet. And then I'll give y'all my code so we can Wii-stalk and stuff. My Wii-bowling is so much better than my real bowling. My Wii high score is 181. My real low score is 4. I rock at Wii-bowling. I suck at pretty much everything else except boxing, though. So, what other games are you Wii-nerds addicted to?

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