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It's been an interesting weekend. On Friday, I had dinner with Sarah and Atilla, and afterwards, we went to Chuck E Cheese's. Rose came along, and it was her first time there. We're such mature adults, into mature adult pastimes.

And yesterday, I went to the Midsummer Night's Dream fairy ball up in Meadville. Fun times. I wanted to kidnap this little boy there, he was 7 but looked 5 and was running around with glowsticks. At the end of the night, he put like 2 dozen glowsticks in his tights. It was hilarious. I hung out with Francesca afterwards, which was nice. It's good to visit her every couple weeks, we have such interesting conversations.

Rose is squishing my not-frozen-any-more paneer that I've had for like 2 years. It's probably not safe for eating any more, but it makes a fun ice pack.

Only mature adults go to Chuck E Cheese's


Chuck is my new husband


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