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Well gee golly, what a day I've had. My old chum Jim Bob and I were driving our pickup down by the crick after a long day at the mines, and sweet Jesus, there was so many of dem fishes jumpin' in the crick! And me without my trusty fishin' rod, Bessie! I was so distraught I dropped my can o' Coors. Well my pal Jim Bob sure saved my fishin'-a-jonesin' booty, for he reached into his pants and drew out the one thing that could bring a smile to my face. It was long, sleek, and beautiful. That's right, it was the one and only FISH PEN!!!!! Why, I was so happy I gave ol' Jim Bon a big wet one right on the kisser. After he called me a farkin' homofagual and knocked out my last three teeth, we gone and fished like real men with our FISH PENS! Thanks, y'all. Now I have some guppies to bring my little woman Billie Joe Susie, and after her evening beatin', she can cook me and our five lil' juniors a real meal! Hot diggity dawg. Thanks, FISH PEN!

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