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I pity the poor people on 376 today. We were driving back from Ikea, and part of 376 was closed off due to construction. So it took us roughly 3 hours to get back. So to alleviate the boredom and frustration, we decided to blast Avril, Tori, Rocky Horror, etc., and sang along at the top of our lungs with the windows down. I'm surprised we didn't get shot.

I also bought maternity pants. Not because I'm pregnant (which I'm still NOT, thankyouverymuch), but because they had cargo capri pants that were the perfect length for me (heh... capri pants are great, because then I don't need to roll them up or cut off like 9 inches of fabric). And these were only slightly-pregnant pants, not there's-a-5-to-10-pound-person-growing-in-my-belly pants. Rose kept calling me "ma'am," it was frightening.

Speaking of babies, a few days ago, Jadyn (a former staff member of FNM, who left to have her second child) had her baby. Hooray!

I played Zelda for like 5 hours straight today. I'm so productive.
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