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half an hour til brit. lit. to kill. so, i'll tell you about my hectic day yesterday. well, after watching "a woman under the influence" (it was too long, and i didn't really like it, though the acting was good), i went over to mckinley's for dinner. i really diversified my eating yesterday. i had breakfast at brooks, lunch at schultz, and dinner at mckinley's. the funny thing is, i almost always eat at brooks. but anyway, there was this "greek goddess" thing going on where frat boys wore togas and wigs and basically had a cross-dressing beauty pageant. carrie (last year's roommate) was there, and she sat with me while i had dinner. she said i was really talkative, but that's because i was really stressed out, nervous, and hyper. after dinner i watched a bit of the show, and i would have stayed for the whole thing, but i had to go. i met with ally (my art partner) and my art teacher, and we discussed the installation project. he said it's ok if i don't bring in the mannequin until after halloween, but we need to get other supplies. i think we're going for the jelly bean rain idea. we're going to string jelly beans from the ceiling for rain, have the mannequin holding an umbrella, and make jelly bean puddles on the ground. we might use sound and interesting lighting and other stuff too. after that, i went to fencing.

today there's just class, then games night and anime night. yay for fridays!

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