Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

So thanks to William Shatner, I got cheap tickets to fly to Vermont in August. It's funny how even though Pop Pop offered to pay for the tickets, I still had to be a Jew and get cheap seats in coach. So, the next month promises to be exciting.

This weekend: Ben comes to visit! We're going to see Transformers and go to the zoo and set off fireworks and drag him around looking for jobs and probably not get enough sleep the whole weekend and be zombies at work on Monday. Except Rose, who doesn't work Mondays.

The weekend after: The fiiiiiiiinal Harry Potter book comes out! I'm warning everyone that I will not emerge from my room all weekend except to go potty and grab things from the fridge, and anyone who interrupts me for any non-life/death reason will be shot/stabbed/poisoned/Avada Kedavra'd. Do not come visit. Do not call me. I will be reading frantically all weekend and will do very little else until the book is finished. I can do it in a weekend, it takes me roughly 2 days to devour a Harry Potter book. And then for the next week, I will likely be mind-numbingly depressed, because more people are going to die, and I'm terribly worried about most of my favorite characters, except Moaning Myrtle, since she's already dead.

The last weekend of July: CONFLUENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! Fun times with fun people and geeking it up. Oh yeah, there's still space in my room. Megan and probably Amy will be there, so there's room for more. Let me know by the 20th.

Then in August, there's Pennsic! My first one. I'm going to work in the mornings and then go to the festivities in the afternoons and evenings. It should be entertaining.

And finally, on the 10th, I go to Vermont for a long weekend. Weee.

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