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So Voldemort the Toilet Clog of Death has returned to wreak havoc after being vanquished by Handyman Tom 2 months ago. And Rose's attempts to Avada Kedavra him away managed to flood the bathroom with foulness. Oh, Harry Potter, where are you in our hour of need? Fortunately, the Roto Rooter person is apparently on the way, and I'm HOPING that this will be the end of Voldemort, and it won't take 7 books to resolve (either that, or the toilet clog will kill us all - Dammit, is it next weekend yet? I've been waiting yeeeeears for closure!). Also, my fairy forest of a backyard needs a good trim, but it's easier and less disgusting to mow a lawn than fix an eeeeeeeevil toilet.

On the other hand, last week, while sampling the delicious blackberries that grow on the edge of the property, I discovered that the vines covering the fence are actually grape vines, and the entire stretch of the fence is heavy with baby grapes. This is awesome. I wonder what kind of grapes they are. I hope they're delicious, because there's a crapload of them.

My coworker Todd and his wife recently adopted 4 young siblings, and they brought them in today (along with their 8-year-old biological son) for a pizza party in the conference room. Really nice, cute kids. They seem to be adjusting well. And they really brought out the kids in the grownups too. We all said "Thank you, Mr. Mahosky" in unison (like school kids) when thanking the guy who bought the pizza (he buys everyone pizza and Chinese food every so often). Fun times.

Die, Voldie. Please, please die. Let me come home to a working, non-psychotic bathroom.

UPDATE: He is, in fact, dead now. Now it's bathroom cleaning funtime. And we don't have to hand Ben a plastic bag and say "this is the toilet, throw it in the neighbor's trash can when you're done" when he comes to visit tomorrow. Hooray!

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