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Well, as evidenced by my lovely 2-word post last night, I finished HP7. Without giving away spoilers, I found it bittersweet and satisfying. Full of explosions and death (oddly enough, I was much more upset over the nonhuman deaths than I was of the human deaths, even those I cared about). And many of the underdogs really came out of the woodwork and shone, especially a certain someone who totally deserved his fate in the epilogue. Some redeemed themselves (or almost did), some finally grew some balls, and some were just idiotic. I was generally satisfied by how things turned out. But if any of you start spamming my friends page with young Dumbledore slash, I will point and laugh at you. Although I must admit, I kept wondering about some of his early friendships...

So. Confluence this coming weekend. I'm excited. There's still space in my room if anyone needs a last-minute place to crash. Pleeeeease? It will drive the cost down... I don't bite...

...(most people)...

I had a dream the other night that I was somehow flying around these islands, playing frisbee or something with my uncle Jon. Then I was at a wedding where I didn't know anyone there (I didn't even know whose wedding it was), but I was wearing this towel-like thing, and it was really cold out. They had a buffet, but pretty much all they had there was this nasty-looking breaded fish, plates and plates of rice, and a basket of various cookies. It was probably the most boring wedding ever, with boring food (mmm, plain rice...), but there were these four waiter guys who were supposedly also penguins. In a later dream, I was apparently going on a random road trip by myself to the southwest for a week. But then I realized that wouldn't really work, because I have a job, and you can't really travel to the opposite end of the country and back in a week and expect to have much fun.

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