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I dreamed that I was being interviewed for a magazine of some sort (it was a major one, I think), and there was going to be a photo shoot. Rose was doing the photography, and I was in a room with her and one of my male friends (not a very close friend, and someone I haven't seen or talked to in a while, but I think I'll leave him anonymous anyway). For the picture, I was going to be sort of reclining on my side on this piece of furniture (not sure whether it was a couch, bed, or one of those thingies that women used to recline on for portraits) and my male friend was going to be standing at the end. I was wearing one of my high school outfits (jeans, my long-sleeved shirt with the picture of the snail on the turtle's back saying "Weeeeeee!" and the old pentacle necklace I wore for a while), and he was apparently just going to be wearing a pair of jean shorts. I think the picture was supposed to convey a sort of "I am the majestic Ade, and I have a manservant" kind of image. So in order to sort of get warmed up for the photo shoot, we were taking pictures of my friend (fully clothed at first, I don't think he was going to take his shirt off until later). He was a remarkably good model, doing all these interesting poses. Except the camera I was using kept being weird, and the battery compartment kept popping open and stuff. While we were taking pictures of him, the room started filling with people. First, I think Ben and Jess were there, just standing/sitting in the corner and watching (for some reason, Jess was watching the scene with a look of annoyance), then a bunch of other random people I didn't know. The camera was running out of batteries, so I took a short video, panning around the room at all the people, finally coming to focus on this one girl I didn't know, who looked about 20. She had the most fabulous looooooong (like butt-length) curly red hair, and I focused on her for a moment before turning the camera off and handing it to Rose. Then I was reading the interview I had supposedly given, and the words were just so poetic and beautiful, but not my writing style. Like there was something about inspiration and gunpowder, only it made perfect sense in the dream. Hmmm.

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