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Yay, Megan is here! Hooray! I had dinner with her and her parents (who seem to be glad to get rid of her for the weekend, since they're visiting her sister while she's at Confluence). Then we played some Wii and went bowling with Rose (new personal high score: 84! The Wii IS making me suck less!). But I do have to work in the morning so we didn't stay out too late.

I'm working for 4 hours tomorrow, then we're going to have lunch at Udipi. Jesse is going to mow the lawn (wooo, I get to have my sister's hot shirtless underage boyfriend over without her, hahahahahahaaaaaaa), and I have to pack and stuff. And take some of the crap out of my car and buy ramen and stuff. And then Confluence! Yahooie!

It's going to be the longest 4 hours of work ever. And people are going to get suspicious when I'm giddy and hyper all morning. It won't be the "Tard" M&Ms either. Hee.
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