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Confluence was awesome, as usual. When we got to the hotel, the first person we saw was Tamora Pierce, standing outside, so we had to start off the con right by saying hello. I like the new location of Confluence. The front desk gives you cookies when you check in! COOKIES! Warm and delicious! I spent most of Friday evening at a writing mini-workshop, wandering around looking for people, and hanging out in the hallway outside the con suite (as is traditional, we young folks are quite talented at clogging hotel arteries and making grownups climb over our legs). Some random hippie guy in rather short cutoff shorts gave us bread. Some of us ended up going to Eat 'N Park at 2 am, and I only got like 5 hours of sleep that night.

Saturday was full of writing, panels, craziness, pounceage, porn, readings, porn readings, and pizza. And Indian food! There was a lunch buffet right down the street from the hotel! I had Indian food 3 days in a row and will make that 4 if I finish Friday's lunch leftovers tonight. Indian food is the happy burning in your belly that says "I love you."

Sunday was also full of writing, panels, craziness, pounceage, readings, and even porn. And goodbyes, which weren't so fun. But after it was all over, I drove back to Monroeville and picked up a very drunk Rose from work (no, she wasn't drunk at work, she went to the bar at Houlihan's while waiting for me). Rose is hilarious when grocery shopping drunk. She goes CHARGING through Giant Eagle, takes extra care to mutilate my box of crackers as much as possible, shoves a swordfish steak at my chest, bangs the cart into everything, and so forth. There was this guy walking around Giant Eagle with his ugly girlfriend, and Rose and I both thought, VANILLA ICE!!!!

Phew. What a weekend. I'll probably post more later.

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