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Boy, I'm going to have an exciting week. I've been fluttering around, trying to get stuff done before the weekend (laundry, cat care, hiring Jesse to mow the jungle again, etc.). I'm going to Pennsic tomorrow, and of course I haven't packed anything yet. I'm a bit limited on clothing, since I have one outfit I can wear, but I was planning on buying more garb anyway, since it's been like 3 years since my last purchase, and I want/need more. So I don't have to wander around wearing the same black thing (in the sun, no less) all week, which could get boring and rather unsanitary. Methinks blue and green are other good color options, because y'all know me, my wardrobe consists of roughly 4 colors (black, gray, blue, and green) with few exceptions. Anyway! Excitement.

Must buy more rat food. Must make sure to clean up my mom's kitchen so Jess (the neighbor who will be taking care of the cats for a few days) won't tell my mom I'm a horrible slob (though that's not news to her). Must buy food for me. Must pack stuff and steal necessary things from Mom's house. Must get that gasoline smell out of my car (I got gas for the craptastic lawnmower that's older than me, and the gas can tipped over and spilled a good half-gallon or so in the trunk of my car - fun times). Must get all the crap out of the back seat of my car, except perhaps the grownup drinks, iced tea, and ramen.

Must do other stuff I'm supposed to do and have been putting off. And deposit the paycheck of moneytasticness so I can buy tons of garb pay bills. And buy a hip flask, because I've wanted one for years and look forward to filling it with not-questionable-at-all beverages like apple juice and wandering around pretending to be an alcoholic. Weeee, look at me, it's like I'm a grownup or something. Only not.

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