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Pennsic is wonderful. I stayed for the weekend, and this week I'm working in the mornings and then going in the afternoons. Some highlights:

- So. Many. Interesting. Costumes.
- I did buy more garb, a blue tunic and two pairs of pants. I'm probably going to buy another tunic later today, perhaps a green one I eyed yesterday. It's kind of funny, on Saturday it was miserably hot, and I was walking around in a long-sleeved black dress. Then on Sunday, when I was wearing more sensible August-weather clothing (a short-sleeved tunic and light pants), it decided to be cold and rainy. Har.
- I was surprised and delighted to find that several people have Indian personas (I've seen a handful of women in Indian garb, no men yet), and there's a handful of classes on Indian stuff. So I decided that I should have two personas (one English, one Indian).
- As for personas, since I'm a noob, mine isn't/aren't quite fleshed out yet, but I've had a general idea of my persona for a while. I'm 16th century English (most likely influenced by the crapload of Brit lit classes from college), pretty much a hermit. I figure I was orphaned as a teenager and took care of my younger brother until he was old enough to be on his own, but I'll work out my life story at some point. Not quite sure of my name yet, but I'm wondering if it would be ridiculous of me to go by Annie (I only say that because Annie is my story character, even though it's a period name and everything). As for the Indian persona, that will require a lot more complex research, since I didn't take a bajillion classes that dealt with medieval India and its culture, literature, clothing, etc. If it's period, think I'd like my Indian name to be Nandini (I like the way it sounds, and I didn't just yank it from the main character of "Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam" even though it was really cute that she and Sameer had this hilarious name-meaning-war going on, where he would draw pictures of bulls for her and she and her family made fart jokes about him - you'd have to see the movie to understand). But like I said, more research. Especially into what I'd wear (there aren't many records of what women wore in medieval India, and it also depends a lot on the region, climate, etc.). And the salwar kameez (which is wonderful and comfy) isn't period.
- Gasoline-flavored ramen is gross.
- Otherwise, the food they sell there is pretty decent, with a good variety and plenty of options for the non-carnivores. They don't have Indian food, but I didn't expect them to, and if I REALLY start craving it, I can just bring my own.
- Walking around all day + lugging crap around + not wearing pants in hot weather = sore all over. Methinks I'll start bringing Ibuprofin or something.
- People are awesome. Especially Bork people.
- I've been buying a ton of stuff (besides the garb) and will likely end up buying even more. I'm not too worried about my finances at this point (since I'm living below my means and have paid rent/bills and have a good amount left so I can afford to splurge this week), but still... yowza.
- I've seen like half a dozen guys walking around wearing loincloths.
- More classes to go to later today, full of interestingness.

More later, when I remember/think of it.

In part of my dream last night, I was leaving this place that was supposedly the mall but looked like the Allegheny campus center. There were rows and rows of my friends standing outside the door (like a choir formation or something), old friends, acquaintances, probably a hundred people I knew just standing there. Even people I haven't talked to in like 10 years (one old friend stood among the others looking as he did when I first met him, very boyish). They had all sent me e-mails or something, some just a few words and some long paragraphs. I talked to a few random people, people I was friendly with in high school and college. I was going to reply to all the e-mails, but as the dream got fuzzy, my alarm woke me up. It was a very happy dream.

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