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The busy-ness has faded, and this weekend I will sleep in, play Runescape all day, and maybe even clean up a bit (MAYBE). Finally, a weekend where I don't have to go anywhere, do anything, or talk to people. I mean, the past month has been oodles of fun, and I'm glad I did most of the things I did, but it's good to say "I have NO plans for the weekend whatsoever! ...Except playing Runescape." Hey, I hadn't played Runescape since March, and I was going through withdrawal, and then after discussing Runescape with Andy at Pennsic (shut up, Rose), I decided I need to start playing again. /\/\3 1z g331<74571c.

So. Last weekend, I went to Vermont once again, for my annual visit to Wilden (the family cottage on Lake Champlain). USAirways delayed all four of my flights there and back (I kept thinking I'd miss the connecting flights, but they got delayed too), and thanks to a mix-up and my mom leaving her cell charger in Massachusetts, my mother and I each spent two hours waiting for each other at the Burlington airport at separate times (she left about the time I arrived, and while I was wandering around the airport, wondering if she was dead in a dumpster and we'd have to get CSI: Vermont on the scene, she went and bought a kayak). But anyway, Vermont was... Vermont. We did traditional stuff, like boating across the lake to Westport for lunch, Katie begging me to go swimming and me refusing, going to the Red Mill (and playing the ring game - I need to set up a ring game at my house someday), going to Dakin Farm, the farmer's market, and Everywear, and that sort of stuff. Some of us watched part of the meteor shower, though I only saw one flash by. And my uncle Jon (one of the funniest people I know) decided that Jesse's new name is Brenda. Katie was initially irritated that we were making fun of her boyfriend (*sings* "you know I wish that I had Brenda's girl..."), but after Jon explained that giving people silly nicknames and teasing them mercilessly practically initiates them into the family, she got her sense of humor back and joined in the plentiful Brenda jokes.

I have a few mundane things to do this week (like call the landlord about the tree that fell in the backyard during the storm last week and make an appointment to get new tires, woohoo). But at least I have time to sit around doing nothing, and my rat-puppies will appreciate that I have more time to spend with them.

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