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How to rock at singing Madonna on Karaoke Revolution 2:

1. Skip taking an allergy pill before letting your 3 fat ratties crawl all over you, because you're an idiot. An idiot who a) thinks that it's a wonderful idea to have 3 animals you're moderately allergic to and b) lets them use you as a big jungle gym without taking allergy medicine first.
2. Eat the leftover ridiculously spicy Indian food that burns your throat more than you consider pleasurable (seriously, the palak paneer I got the other day was like twice as spicy as I usually get, and it made my eyes water and my nose run).
3. Warm up by playing a few random rounds which will inevitably serve you songs you don't know and/or hate.
4. Once your throat is sufficiently swollen, achy, and ridiculously hoarse, sing "Papa Don't Preach," with FEELING.
5. Get 100% great.
6. You win.

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