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So, I finally put the wonderful drag ball pictures from 3 1/2 years ago on Facebook. I also find it hilarious that now whenever you click the "View Photos of Ade" button on my profile, the first picture is the one of Ben and me in drag. Ah, fun times.

I am also one hell of a rat wrangler/handyman. Between catching/freeing a baby rat and filling in holes in the bathroom wall (I'm going to finish that today, now that the spackle and drywall compound are dry and I can do some finishing and then reinstall the hand towel ring that kept coming loose), I think I can win this battle with household quirks. Woot. I'm also going to do some caulking at some point, though I'll need to make a trip to the hardware store again. I look forward to walking in, having some store worker come up to me and ask if there's anything I'm looking for, and saying "Yes, I need some caulk. I'm going to squeeeeeeeze its white goo all around my tub, filling every little nook and cranny." But I'm not mature enough to say that with a straight face. And I already know where ALL the caulk is at Lowe's. I am the caulkmaster.

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