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Every few days, I crave Indian food. Right now, it's a particularly strong craving for samosas, paneer pakora, and bhindi masala, and I want to go to Zaiaka again. I hope Rose is up for Indian food tonight, even though we ate at a restaurant last night. My stomach is having a MUST HAVE INDIAN FOOD NOW RARRRRRR moment. It's all I can think about. And then, of course, once I do get what I want and sink my teeth into spicy deliciousness, I'll have my "When Harry Met Sally" and/or "What About Bob?" moment, and everyone in the restaurant will once again stare at our table, but this time at me moaning in culinary pleasure. Or something. I just want Indian food now, dammit! (Janet! I love youuuu!) And Rose will probably murder me in my sleep if I declare a state of hunger-induced emergency and get Indian food without her.

Yeah, I know. "Get help."

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