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The past few days, in a nutshell:

- Went to the Ren Fest with Laura and Sam on Saturday. Fun times as usual, I'm glad it's running again, and I was a good girl and didn't spend too much money.
- As "Mahi Mahi Mahi" was the official Bollywood Car Song of 2006, "Dhadak Dhadak" is the official Bollywood Car Song of 2007.
- There's pretty much nothing to do at work this week, since we've passed the crunch period for one of the projects, and the people who usually give me things to work on are out most of the week (not that there's much for us to do this week anyway). Woohoo.
- Ben and Jess came over for a little while on Sunday, after their Indian food excursion. Good to see them again, although Jess almost stole my ratties.
- Speaking of that, does anyone want a free family of cute little brown ratlings? And a mother too? They're completely free for the taking, if you can catch them. They live in the space under the bath tub, and their favorite foods are vanilla wafers and gasoline.
- Liz is full of lies. She said she sucked at bowling. And then totally beat Rose and me. Same for pool.

So, I've been having interesting dreams again...

- A few nights ago, I had one of those recurring high school dreams. This time, it involved Rico from Hannah Montana (this really short, adorable kid who has a real mean streak, probably because he has a crush on Miley and she and her friends treat him like crap and poke fun at his shortness), only in my dream he was around 17 instead of 13, and for some reason, he was walking around in his underwear. There was a table with some random people I didn't recognize, but I was mad at some of the people at the table. About half of them were really short, like around my height, but I was mad at the others. So Rico and I went up to the table, I put my arm around his shoulder (according to IMDB, he's 4'11", only 2 inches taller than me), and I told the people at the table something like, "You know, we may be short, but we're not going to take crap from you, so just SHUT UP." I went on some rant about being sick of hearing about how short we were, and I know I said "shut up" several times. It was a rather empowering feeling, in the dream, even though it was kind of weird that Rico was walking around in his underwear.
- After that dream, I was still in the high school, but there was a blind girl there. Her mother worked at the school or something, and at various points in the dream, I was either playing the blind girl on TV (and walking around pretending to be blind, even though I could see everything) or "seeing" things from her perspective. I went to her locker, pretending to "search" for it and "read" the Braille on it. I somehow figured out the combination and opened it and took out a bowling ball. I walked to a cafeteria, where her mother and the principal were talking and blocking my way, ignoring me. So I got fed up and left. Later, I walked into the cafeteria at night, and I saw the blind girl's mother standing on a chair, trying to slip her sleeping daughter's head into a noose. I yelled "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" and the blind girl woke up, realized what was going on, and left in tears. I followed the blind girl to make sure she was ok, and her mother ran after us. I said "Get away from her, you tried to kill your own daughter!" Her mother, who was really upset, tried to explain that she was trying to end her daughter's misery. I was irate and started ranting again, and I told the mother something like "People who are born differently adapt, they can live normally despite their differences." It got fuzzy after that, probably because Rose's alarm went off at least 50 times over the course of an hour (I'm not even exaggerating, she doesn't even wake up to it, although I DO).
- Last night, I dreamed that I was going back to Connecticut, and I stopped by the house where I used to live. But the people there had renovated it so that it looked completely different. It was huge and fabulous looking, but not the house I remembered. My mom actually drove by our old house this summer, and she said the trees had grown tall and the sled hill had filled in with junipers, but that was it. I went into the house and saw two ladies sitting and talking. One of them looked familiar, but I couldn't figure out who she was. So I went up to her and asked if she remembered me. She asked my name, and then my dad walked up and said "Caroline Murphy!" (She was one of my childhood Connecticut friends) The lady said, "I thought the Murphy girls were tall and dark-haired (it's true). I told her who I was, but I couldn't figure out if she was Mrs. Degraff (my preschool teacher, I'm not sure how to spell her name) or Mary Lou (my grandparents' friend that we used to go skiing with). Then, all of a sudden, my friend Caroline was there, and we ended up talking about what we'd been doing. Then, for some reason, I started talking about Kyle XY and how Jessie had gone on some killing rampage and then went in for surgery and had her head shaved, and Kyle had dyed his hair bright blue (it looked pretty awesome in the dream - I think Kyle should really dye his hair bright blue next season... or change it with the power of his mind). Very strange.
- There was a brief almost-nightmare where I saw that a friend had changed her Facebook status to "engaged," and I panicked and was trying to find out if it was true. After I woke up, I did check Facebook, but her status hadn't actually changed, so I was relieved, though I'm still worried and hoping she won't get engaged any time soon, at least not to who she's currently dating, not that her boyfriend has any intentions of it.

I'd say "back to work," but considering that I don't really have anything to do except wait for someone to send me time sheets, and none of the 4 people who are here today have anything for me to do, it's more like "back to checking email every 2 minutes, trying to look productive, and seeing if there are any new lolcats on I Can Has Cheezburger." I wonder if anyone would notice or even care if I wandered over to Shur Save and got a sandwich or something.

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