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Ugh, something I ate wreaked havoc in my system. It must have been the potato soup from lunch. It was all right, but it made me feel kinda funny, and 6 hours later it decided to manifest again. I saw Nick at brunch and he said, "The soup is good. It's dill-icious!" That pun actually made me laugh, so I didn't groan. I had dinner at the AGP house tonight. We had some type of Vietnamese chicken noodle soup and sugary jello cheesecake for dessert. It wasn't quite as good as the last dinner (stir fry and gazpacho), but it was decent. I went to get some extra food from McKinley's because I was still kinda hungry, and I nearly froze my fingers off carrying it back to my room. But here I am. I fenced today, vigorously, and I managed to blister a toe, but man, what a workout. I shiver with antici....pation of Thursday night, because they're showing ROCKY HORROR at the AGP house. We were discussing costumes, and Ted said he could wear his nun costume, and I got excited and told him about mine. That would be cool if he DID go as a nun, hehehe... We could both be sisters! Yep, a 19-year-old bisexual Wiccan girl with a 34-year-old gay guy in nun drag. Woohoo! And Chris is excited too, he says he's going to wear something revealing areas I hoped to never see (Not THAT area, he said he'd have that covered!). We're probably going to be singing and dancing along, and I hope we're allowed to use squirt guns at the right moment (after all, it's inside the house, and I don't want to get water on stuff I shouldn't). Hahaaaaa, it's going to be so funnnnnnn!

My sister is going to be 13 a month from today. Eeek, I'll have a TEENAGE sister! And for nearly 5 months my mom will have 2 teenage girls. Yow! But then I'll be 20, and I can get that stupid stereotype off my back. But what should I get Katie? What do I get someone who's the complete opposite of me? I'm NOT getting her any makeup or CDs of the pop and rap she likes. Last year I got her a Michelle Branch CD (she's one of the few respectable pop stars out there, and I figured if Katie didn't like the CD, she could always give it back to me...). Maybe this year when we go to Florida for Thanksgiving, we'll go to the mall and I can take Katie to Hot Topic or some store I approve of and let her pick out something nifty.

Darn, I have "Welcome to Duloc" in my head! Heeheehee...

Swiped from muruch

-Spell Your First Name Backwards: Eda
-The Story Behind Your User Name or Email Address: My friends decided to have "agent" names one day, and they dubbed me "Agent Fruit"
-Are You A Lesbian?: Sorta... yeah, I occasionally like girls, but guys are OK too...
-How Old?: 19 1/2
-Where Do You Live?: Meadville
-Four Words That Sum You Up: short, weird, imaginative, Aderiffic

**Describe Your....
-Wallet: black with a blue and silver star in a circle, I've had it since I was 15 or 16
-Hairbrush: black and paddle-shape
-Toothbrush: Hermione from Harry Potter (I have 3 toothbrushes, including a Rugrats toothbrush and one with Harry Potter, but I only use the Hermione one for now)
-Jewelry Worn Daily: just this silver viney pentacle necklace with a green stone in the middle
-Pillow Cover: dark green with white piping
-Blanket: dark green
-Coffee Cup: I don't drink coffee much, but I have a TEA mug that's blue
-Sunglasses: I never wear mine. But I think they're black on the outside and tortoiseshell on the inside. I got them from my ex-neighbor, who was in the business.
-Favourite Underwear: purple with Eeyore all over them!
-Favourite Shoes: my Powerpuff Girls sneakers with rainbow laces
-Handbag: I don't carry those. I have a black messenger bag with a butterfly patch and lots of paint stains that I occasionally carry stuff in...
-Favourite Top: my "i have issues" shirt
-Favourite Pants: any of my jeans... most of my pants are boring
-Cologne/Perfume: ick, I hate that stuff. But Gap used to make this stuff that smelled like grass, and I got it just because I like the smell
-CD In Stereo Right Now: it's not playing, but the HATAI soundtrack (as usual)
-Piercings: I used to have my ears pierced, but they kept getting infected so they closed
-What You Are Wearing Now: jeans, green sheep socks, my Powerpuff Girls sneakers, my "I live in my own little world, but it's ok... they know me here." shirt, my happy gray hoodie, my pentacle, and... you don't need to know about my undergarments.
-Hair: long, people call it blond but it's LIGHT BROWN, and scraggly

**Who Or What Was/Is/Are...
-In My Mouth: as my mom said when she was a toddler and Nana asked her what was in her mouth, "tees and tung!"
-In My Head: jumbled thoughts, thinking of what to say to Alexia since we're chatting online
-Wishing: someone will buy me a digital camera for Xmas
-After This: finishing homework that's due tomorrow and Tuesday
-Fetishes: Velma, long hair (it's PRETTY!), for some reason I think long, swishy skirts are wonderful though I never wear them, and I like squishiness. But I don't really have true "fetishes" because I'm romantically and sexually challenged...
-If You Could Murder Anyone, Who And For What Reason?: No murder! No killing people! Maybe I'd hit someone really hard...
-People You Wish You Could See Now: Alexia so we could talk in person (I might see her next month, if she feels like driving for 4 hours to see me in Jupiter, FL...)
-Is Next To You: my bed and some food and drink items
-Favorite Movies: HATAI (if you can't figure out what that stands for, you don't know me very well...), RHPS (ditto), Sister Act, Shrek, the list goes on forever...
-Something You're Looking Forward To In The Upcoming Months: Tori's new album coming out in 2 days!
-The Last Thing You Ate?: jello cheesecake, and I'm thinking about eating that chicken sandwich now
-Something That You Are Deadly Afraid Of?: vampires... they just terrify me!

**Do You Like/Believe in...
(I believe in peace, bitch!)
... Candles: they're nice, but I can't burn them here. My sis made me a gel candle with name inside it...
... Hot Wax: it's kind of fun... it stings for a moment but feels oddly pleasant as it hardens...
... Incense: it's ok, but I'm not a smell-friendly person so I only use it for Ritual purposes when I'm allowed to burn it
... The Taste Of Blood: ick no...
... Soul Mates: I think my soul mate is my cat, Belle.
... Love At First Sight: that's more physical attraction
... In Heaven: not the Christian Heaven, but a related ideal
... In Forgiveness: yep... I've been better about that recently. I named my plastic dragon "Forgiveness"
... In God: not the Christian God, but the Wiccan God who's going to DIE in 4 days...

-What Do You Want Done With Your Body When You Die: NO autopsy or anything, just dig a hole in the woods, put me in a cardboard box in the clothes I died in, and bury me there. You can put any rock you want there. Just play "Happy Phantom" by Tori Amos.
-Who Is Your Worst Enemy?: the advertising industry and people who send spam and make pop-up windows...
-Any Animal For A Pet: I always wanted a monkey! And an elephant! And a piggy! And many many cats!
-What Is The Latest You've Ever Stayed Up: probably 4 am at one of Kathy's sleepovers
-Can You Eat With Chopsticks: yep!
-What Are Five Cities You Wouldn't Mind Relocating To? Cornwall (England), Seattle, Boston, I don't know...
-What Are Some Of Your Favorite Pig Out Foods?: cheesy snacks and ramen
-What's Something That You Wish People Would Understand?: GRAMMAR and the decision to be weird
-What's Something You Wish You Could Understand Better?: why most humans are idiots
-Anyone You Miss That You Haven't Seen In A Long Time?: my friends from home and my west coast relatives
-What's One Thing You Want To Make Happen For Tomorrow?: finish my homework


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