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It was an interesting weekend. Lots of people came for Rose's birthday party, and it was fun. There was fire and corn and drunk people and lots of hot dogs and people in tents and that sort of thing. And Nick thought it would be funny to drizzle beer on my head and then giggle like a little girl, then insist "I'm not drunk, this is only my fifth beer."

I dreamed about Annie the other night. In one part of the dream, she had apparently been blown by a hurricane into the ocean as a baby, and an old woman found her, only she kept shapeshifting into things like a banana and a twig. Then, apparently Annie was in trouble with a higher goddess. You see, every 7 years, she was supposed to age, sort of. She'd be a girl at first, then a woman, then an old woman and back again (yep, got the whole maiden/mother/crone thing going on in my dream). The three forms were sort of hovering above the ocean, and girl-Annie was supposed to turn into woman-Annie, who was all grownup-looking and curvy and just beautiful and wearing basically a thin length of fabric wrapped around her, a bit like toilet paper, only prettier. Old-lady-Annie looked kind of like a generic old lady though. But Annie was supposed to grow into a woman, and she didn't, she just stayed in her teenage girl form, and she was in trouble for it.

Sometimes I have dreams like this, with my story characters, and I often find inspiration in them. Not sure about this one. I mean, I see the symbolism and metaphors for my own life and stuff, and I see how it could work, but I don't know. I might have enough plot bunnies as it is. I mean, baby Annie grew up with her fairy sisters. Maybe there was a hurricane in there somewhere, but she can't shapeshift into inanimate objects, just animals. In the book, she usually turns into either a cat or thunderbird, And as for the aging thing, Annie is pretty static as far as age goes. Her humanoid form has been that of a teenage-looking girl for thousands of years. Growing into a woman would just be weird and wrong, somehow. Like in "Love Hina," how Kaolla Su was supposed to grow up, but they convinced her to stay a teenage girl, only this is a book about a weather goddess, not a manga about teenage girls beating the crap out of their poor landlord. But anyway, it makes me wonder.

We went to India Garden for the "vegtarian" buffet tonight. Mmmm, fabulous. I feel like I have three lovers, and I'm constantly cheating on them all. India Garden, Zaiaka, and the Udipi Cafe. Recently I've been spending more time with Zaiaka, but tonight, India Garden was just... there. Even though my favorite waiter wasn't working tonight. And it was good. Really good. But I felt guilty for cheating on Zaiaka, even though it's been ages since I've been to Udipi, and... oh dear Ganesha, I am pathetic. It's wonderful having 3 Indian restaurants within 10 minutes of my house, I just wish things didn't have to be so... complicated. I'm not the polyamorous type, yet there are 3 wonderful Indian restaurants vying for my love. Although at this point, I think Zaiaka is winning, because of the wonderfully sweet, adorable woman who is my height and just loves Rose and me. Hah. Shortness wins.

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