Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

Ade: what is the trinity?
Katie: it was this big thing where the earth crashed into a bunch of planets…

i was just on the phone talking to my sister, who decided to drop out of sunday school. she's so ignorant it's funny...

Yes, another! muhahahaaa! and it's polite, too!

-please name the first career that you hoped, as a child, to have:
doctor (haha!)
-please describe a dream that you remember: when i was 3 or 4 i dreamed that there were purple aliens coming through the basement door and sitting in the yellow chair. they were nice aliens!
-please name the book that you are currently reading: just school stuff... the anthology of english lit. because it has "the faerie queene" in it...
-please describe or name the colour of your bed linens: green
-please supply the title of the song of which you are presently thinking: "welcome to duloc" from shrek
-please list your present location: computer chair in my dorm room
-please list any fears from which you may suffer: i'm scared to death of vampires (my friend megan loves them and is trying to "cure" me, but it isn't working, and the tae bo video guy scares me too...
-please describe your dream job: a famous author like jk rowling
-please name the film which you have viewed the most: sister act, i've seen it hundreds of times
-please type one question that you would ask your "higher power," i.e. jesus
christ, buddha, allah, etc: "all right, please explain why you created me the way i am and what my purpose is..." in question form...
-please describe a "guilty pleasure" which you would rather not admit: erm... if i'd rather not admit it, why do you expect me to admit it? ok. i'll admit something. i own cds by hanson and ricky martin. please don't laugh at me!
-please name the food item that you would consider "comfort food.": cheese snacks
-please supply the title of the last film that you rented from a video
rental store: "ghost world"
-please name the celebrity whom people often say you considerably compare to
in physical features: people have told me i look like alanis morrissette
-please describe the one factor in your life that you would consider "the
bane of your existence.": being socially retarded
-please describe the last item that you found on the ground and picked up: probably something in my room...
-please name an author that you would recommend to friends and
acquaintances: jk rowling and tamora pierce
-please name the location where you would like to "grow old.": adeville, though it doesn't exist (yet!)
-please list some helpful advice: be nice and respect people.
-please list a question which you are commonly asked: what size shoe do you wear? (2)
-please supply the date of your last hospital visit: a little over a year ago for my last checkup after recovering from my appendectomy infection
-please repeat the last phrase or sentence which you said out loud: "go read the bible tomorrow! goodnight!" my sister knows next to nothing about christianity, and while she has the right to choose her own religion, she needs to know the basics of different religions!
-please detail your current apparel: i did in the last survey!
-please name the season you most prefer: winter and fall
-please describe one incarnation of a past life: i know i was an american soldier, perhaps in the civil war? i figured it out when i was 9 :)

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