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Evidently the annual Suicidal Raccoon Convention is being held on Beatty Road this year. Three dead raccoons on that street today, and only one was there last night. Hmmm. I'm fairly used to seeing roadkill, this being Pennsyltucky and everything, but three raccoons in 48 hours on one stretch of road? Sheesh.

I had Indian food with Thom and his sister last night, and we played with the Wii. Elaine is in town, but she and Rose were taking forever to come home, so they missed seeing Thom by roughly 5 minutes. But yay! Thom is back in town! Happy dance!

The only thing I can remember about last night's dream is that some guy was doing a cover of "Silent All These Years," only for some reason he got this scratchy-voiced, dark-shaggy-haired, teenage emo girl to do backup vocals, and she only sang one note the whole time. It was annoying and screwed up the song. And we were walking on a bridge over water. And some guy Rose knew was telling me that one of my writer friends was really pretentious or something, which he's not. And one of my old friends had pictures on Facebook of a red-haired mannequin with fake blood smeared on her neck. Weird. But I've had "Silent All These Years" in my head all day now.

Here. Have a thing.

20 years ago I....

was a cute little preschooler who taught myself to read. I also got salmonella, because intelligence and common sense are two completely different things.

10 years ago I .....

was the little weirdo who wrote musicals about sheep. It was my last year of junior high (back in the days when it was grades 7-9), and I liked Hanson (but not OBSESSIVELY like Sarah did), drawing goofy pictures of my teachers, and having quadruple "weddings" with my friends and our various inanimate/imaginary/unattainable "husbands." Ah, that was an interesting year.

5 years ago I .....

was a sophomore in college. I was starting to make friends and not be so shy around people I knew and wanted to be friends with but didn't know how to go about it. I was into Tuesday Group and Golem and Argo, and I think I still fenced at that point. Not a bad year overall.

2 years ago I ....

lived in Meadville after graduation, sharing an apartment with Nick. I had an internship with Francesca (though at this time of year, I only worked for her occasionally, since I was filling in for Ben over the summer and then started up again around February). I didn't do much otherwise, other than hang out on campus. Not a great year.

1 year ago I ....

was a bum living at home. Meh.

So far this year, I've....

landed a job that actually uses my English major (yay!), rented a house, been thoroughly corrupted by Rose, corrupted her a bit in return, and actually managed to get my life together.

Yesterday I....

went to work, played Runescape, went to Zaiaka with Thom and his sister, and beat my Wii bowling record.

Today I...

went to work, and after I go home, I'll probably try to get my computer power cord working again (for some reason, my laptop decided to stop recognizing it last night), put away my clean laundry, and demand gas and Indian food from Rose. No idea what else.

Tomorrow I'll...

go to work and probably spend the evening playing Runescape or something.

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