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I like how whenever my mom goes out of town, I always take the opportunity to go over there, play with my cats, do laundry, use the dishwasher, and cook. I baked an apple pie there last night, and it was delicious. And since my neighbor Bonnie had me over for blintzes earlier, I had her over for pie after work today, when I was there cleaning up the kitchen from the piestravaganza (I always make a huge mess when I cook - it's part of the fun). Pie, pie pie. Fewer things in life are better. And I do make a damn good apple pie, if I do say so myself. Even if I don't put it in the oven until 10 pm. I need to make pies more often. It's fun. Perhaps I should do some hardcore kitchen cleaning (including inside/behind/under the oven, to get rid of that burning pee smell) and stock up on pie pans. And yes, I did leave some pie behind for my mom when she returned. Mmm, pie. So good.

Jeesh, why is it bloody hot right now? It's October! Get cooler! Want to wear sweatshirts again!

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