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This makes me want to stab people. And then throw them off a bridge.

In other news, I look like a manly trucker. I've been wearing Derek's hat since we took it back from Zaiaka (he left it there last month). All I need now is a couple of beers, a jar of peanuts (which is in the dining room, by the rat cages, but I'm too lazy to get up), and some classic rock blaring from the tape player. And a 3-day-old beard, but I've consistently failed to grow one of those things. I'll never be a real man now! *sob*

Tomorrow, I plan to go to Schramm's and choose the next Cyclor, clean out my car for once, and deal with the front room. In theory. Let's see if I actually pull any of that off.

Oh paneer pakoras, how I long for you... so delicious... leaving me craving more after every bite, you naughty little bits of Indian crack...

So, that whole "be careful what you wish for" thing is true. A few days ago, I wished it wasn't so bloody hot, so I could wear sweatshirts. Well, then it suddenly got COLD with no transition. Sheesh. I mean, it's October and it should be cooler, but not going from t-shirt weather to fuzzy pajamas weather in 24 hours. But if wishes come true, I wish that my house magically cleaned itself, Megan and Ben would find jobs and move back to Pennsylvania, and my dad would make me pancakes without me nagging (Hi Dad, if you're reading this! Crank up the Gordon Lightfoot and sharpen your spatulas!). Oh, and I wish for a piggy. Someday, not right now, but someday. And a turtle.

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