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You know, in all this "OMG DUMBLEDORE WAS GAY" hype, I can't say I'm surprised. I didn't figure it out until I was reading the obituary in book 7 and suddenly realized, "Hey, this guy was totally in love with Dumbledore. Dumbledore wasn't having a seeeeeecret thing with Professor McGonagall like I had thought, he was gay!" And then it was all clear. And his teenage "friendship" with Grindelwald only cemented the idea in my head. Really, it was quite obvious. And I'm not even one of those crazy slashers-with-no-life who roots through everything I read/watch, obsessively hunting for the slightest signs of homoeroticism between characters (only a little). Why is everyone so shocked? I am a bit surprised that my two favorite underdogs, Neville and Luna, didn't end up together though. But... they would have been so right together! Oh well. Maybe they at least had one of those pining-away-for-each-other-for-years-but-never-doing-anything-about-it things? Or not. Sometimes being "just friends" is all you can really hope for. And Madame Maxime didn't know what she was missing either. Hagrid would have made a great husband/father.

In non-fiction news, I picked out the next Cyclor today. And some minions. It didn't take me forever like it did last year, either. I love picking out pumpkins. So much fun. Even though everyone and their 800 children were at Schramm's today.

Speaking of pumpkins, the annual pumpkin feast is tomorrow. I'm making pumpkin cheesecake (I should have made it tonight, but I got lazy/tired/distracted). My stomach shivers with antici....(say it!).....pation!

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