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Because maturity is overrated...

[At Giant Eagle]
Rose: Do you need this Barbie DVD?
Ade: No, I'm getting one DVD already, that's enough for now.
Rose: Which DVD are you getting?
Ade: Transformers.
Rose: Don't you want the one with all the special features?
Ade: I don't know, but this one is cheaper.
Rose: But what about when Ben comes?
Ade: What, you don't think he's going to buy the DVD for himself?
Rose: Good point.
Ade: Yeah, I don't need to please Ben. He can please... himself... *snickers*
Rose: Very adult, Ade. Very adult.

(I did end up getting the special DVD with the bajillion bonus features, it was only like $20. For longer, stronger nerdgasms.)

Rose is getting a car, so I gave her a driving lesson in the Sloan school parking lot (where my mom took me years ago to learn). She did all right, but I'm kind of a sucky teacher. Especially when I say things like "You just ran over that imaginary baby that was crawling on the road" and "now turn left where it says 'no left turn' and then park in that handicapped spot." I'm surprised Rose didn't push me out of the car and run me over several times.

I want a Maine Coon cat. I've got to stop gazing longingly at the Petfinder ads, since I told myself I was NOT going to get one right now, not until I have a PERMANENT living situation (like when I buy a house, I'm probably not going to stay in this rental house more than a year or two). Plus, I can take Dude whenever (but not right now, since I live on a busy road, and he does NOT like being an indoor cat). No cats right now, Ade, no cats. You can go visit your three at Mom's house, but no adopting more. Once Rose moves and you do a hardcore house cleanup, you can think about getting a turtle. Now back AWAY from Petfinder. NOW!

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