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I found this test interesting. I don't have Asperger's or an autism spectrum disorder (I exhibit several typical symptoms, but I think it's a result of my neurological system being a bit off-kilter, and most of them are just odd, not impairing). Before I took the test, it asked if I had several disorders (diagnosed Tourette's, suspected ADD, OCD, and social anxiety). It said I very likely have Asperger's, but I know I don't, since my social skills aren't really impaired in certain ways (I may have trouble talking to people, initiating contact, and understanding people's behavior, but I can develop healthy friendships and can function all right in society, even if people see me as withdrawn and eccentric). I have some pretty strange cognitive and behavioral patterns, but I can function in society without any sort of treatment. There's nothing really wrong with me (or most people with disorders like this), I'm just different, and I think using labels for "disorders" is really only useful to explain certain behavioral patterns.

Just figured I'd share this. I'm not quite sure what to make of the results, but it was an interesting test.


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