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am i the only one who refuses to do that vampire thing? everyone has that link posted, but not me? why? i'll tell you. i'm absolutely terrified of vampires. go ahead and laugh, but it's true. now i'll explain. you see, for some reason my neck is a very sensitive area, and if anything touches it, i freak out and have a mad tourette syndrome attack and jerk my head around until i feel better. people who know this like to try and touch my neck to get a reaction, and it really irritates me. so the thought of fangs getting anywhere near my neck is just unbearable. then there's the whole sucking blood and draining feeling. yuck. i don't even want to go there. i've had several panic attacks before, and the feeling of blood draining out of your face is very unpleasant. so that's why i'm scared of vampires. not their appearance, just their feeding methods.

megan likes to make me watch buffy. she's told me when to cover my eyes during bite scenes, but she missed one once and it almost made me sick. she's been trying to cure me of this phobia, and while i appreciate her efforts, they're not working, and i don't want to see or hear about vampires ever again. yikes

so this halloween better be vampire-free. just the thought of vampires makes me nauseous.

and now i have class. bye!

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