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Boy, this year has whizzed by. It's Guy Fawkes Day already. I might have to burn some effigies just to stay warm.

Halloween was disappointingly uneventful. We didn't even get any trick-or-treaters, and I couldn't find the DVDs I watch every year. I did resurrect Cyclor though, and now he sits on the steps, with his uncarved pumpkin minions and the pumpkin Rose carved, being nibbled by ants and sagging a little. The big event of the week was Rose getting her learner's permit, and I have the feeling I might end up with my very first gray hair by Thursday. Yesterday I apologized to my mom for what I put her through 8 years ago when I was learning to drive, because now I know how stressful it is. It's not that Rose is a bad driver or anything (she's decent, really, but needs more practice on the roads and eeeeeeeeeasing onto the brakes), it's just that I worry about things like my car and my life and small animals and that sort of thing. When Rose drives, it's like she attracts deer. When I'm driving, I see deer on the road maybe 10% of the time, but when Rose drives, it's like there's a memo that goes out in the deer community saying "Rose is coming! Quick, jump out into the middle of the road and just stand there looking pretty when she honks at you!" I swear, deer are like giant rodents, only much stupider.

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