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*laughs* Rats are so weird. I just came out of the bathroom and heard a rustling noise. Jiraiya had somehow managed to find and pull a plastic bag into his cage (my rats are obsessed with plastic bags) and was running around excitedly, dragging it with him. Emeril was poking his nose through his cage bars looking all excited like YAY PLASTIC BAGS! so I grabbed another one and put it up to the cage to see if he was interested. He immediately grabbed it and tried to pull it inside, so I helped feed it through the bars. He then ran towards the little rat-igloo, dragging a plastic bag that was several times his size. Ah, they're little bundles of entertainment. I can still hear both of them in the other room, rustling away. Sometimes, if they can get hold of plastic bags, they like to make little nests of them. It's cute.

Also, Jackson on Hannah Montana needs to dance more often. And it's funny because the actor is 30 in real life (playing a 16-17-year-old), and on the episode I saw today, he totally kissed someone half his age. Tee hee. And the show "The Big Bang Theory" is full of nerdtasticness, and I want to be friends with all the guys on the show. Because... they're so geeky. And wonderful.

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