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today i got "scarlet's walk" in the mail! tori's NEW album! that comes out tomorrow, but i ordered the limited ed. album with a special dvd and other goodies inside! anyway, i LOVE this album! it's great and pretty and wonderful and you should all buy it! i'm incredibly happy right now... *dances* i feel like strapping on my fairy wings and putting on something flowy and pretty and skipping around outside... tori just has that effect. hmmm, do i *have* anything flowy and pretty? most of my clothing is saggy and flumpy. well, i have that neat shirt kathleen got me to go swimming in, it's pretty... and i have 2 skirts i never wear that are kinda dullish but maybe the gray one would be nice... hmmmm... coordinating my wardrobe for prancing to tori's new album? *shakes head*

once again we barely got anything accomplished in sex and gender. we watched a video presentation of "silence of the lambs" and talked about ed gein and then discussed other stuff semi-relevant to the class. we're supposed to be on chapter 9 or 10 now, and we've barely discussed chapter 7... wow. and we have an exam next week, not to mention a quiz and paper in brit. lit. but i'm getting caught up on schoolwork, that's good. yay me!

today: argo meeting, then decorating the hall at 8. not terribly busy, but stuff to keep me occupied. let's see if i can get any homework done, shall we?

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