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It's a busy week, and there's just so much going on. Ben and Elaine are both coming to town today and staying for a couple days, and then Rose and Elaine are going to go to NJ so Rose can get her car (hopefully she'll pass the license exam tomorrow), and then after a few days they'll come back and get her stuff so she can move to Columbus. I'm excited. I hope Ben gets a job here, and then I can see him more often (and we can maybe resurrect Tuesday group). And I'm glad Rose is finally moving out.

Yesterday, Diane and Anthony stopped by, and we went to Zaiaka, land of deliciousness. Good times. And kind of a reminder that I should probably try to get more involved in Pittsburgh-area nerdery if I want to have, you know, a social life again. And Meena kept bringing us extra food on the house, because she's the sweetest little woman ever.

Oh! And I started another novel project (no, I haven't finished the Annie novel yet - that one may still take years, at the rate I'm going). It's my first werewolf story. It's based on a short story I wrote about a werewolf killing her friend's girlfriend, and it's going to be vastly different from my other novel, mainly because there's violence and death and lots of evil and profanity and maybe even sex! Not that my other novel lacks those elements, but this project is a lot darker.

To put the novel fetus in a nutshell, the main character (Becky) is a werewolf in her mid to late 20s, converted a couple years ago. She's not a very nice person, but she keeps her nasty side bottled up inside. Her friend (Adam) is the only one who knows, and since he's a good friend (and partially blames himself for Becky's condition), he comes over and locks her in the basement every full moon. Becky is rather obsessed with Adam, but he's oblivious to it (he kind of lacks social skills and is a huge pushover). He has this girlfriend (Melissa) who is a real siren. She's very two-faced, appearing sweet and loving one moment and then manipulative and demanding the next. She's very controlling, jealous, and needy, and she has a young son. Well, Becky absolutely hates Melissa but pretends to be her friend to appease Adam. But after one evening where Melissa proves herself a real pain in the butt, Becky can't take it any more. When Adam locks her in the basement, she sends him off on an errand and lures Melissa down to the basement with her (using Melissa's irrational jealousy against her). The moon comes out, she changes into a werewolf, and that's the end of Melissa. In the morning, she pretends to be upset about what she's done and consoles Adam, then dumps what's left of the body in the lake and cleans up any evidence. Life goes on, sort of. But of course, that further complicates things, and I don't want to give too much away, but let's just say she won't be the only werewolf in the story, and Adam will find himself in a bit of a pickle when someone discovers a bullet-ridden skeleton buried in the woods near where he works. We'll see where this goes. I put the first chapter online.

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