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Well, that was a fun Thanksgiving. I went to my neighbor's house (well, my mom's neighbor since I don't live there any more, but I still consider them neighbors), and her family and some friends were there. I woke up early to make pumpkin pies (I made an apple pie last night), and thanks to a vigorous cleaning job in and around the oven, it no longer smells like burning rat piss when I turn on the oven. It smells a little like burning cleaning products, but I'll take a hint of burnt 409 over the disgustingness wafting through the house any day. Anyway, the pies turned out lovely, though it looked like one of the dogs had snuck in a few licks of one of the pumpkin pies when nobody was watching. I also made some mushroom gravy, which I liked (I don't know if anyone else had any, but crimini mushrooms are absolutely delicious). People seemed to really like the apple pie (I'm perfecting my piemaking skills - just have to work on crimping the edges, it seems), and one of the women said my pumpkin pie was the best she's ever tasted (thank you, Paula Deen, I love you to pieces, and your cream-cheese-and-half-a-sticka-butta-pumpkin-pie recipe is fabulous). Woot! Massive ego-handjobs tonight. After the big feast of a gazillion dishes, my neighbor's niece Jordan (I think she's 12) and I went up to my mom's house since I had my wii in the car, and we played wii sports and Risk for quite a few hours.

I'm probably not going to get around to doing dishes and cleaning up the pie-and-gravy-making fiasco in the kitchen and living room until Saturday though. I want to go to bed soon so I can get up and go to a park with people tomorrow morning and then go to the gun club with my dad and sister tomorrow. I kind of need to buy rat food, but there's no way I'm going shopping tomorrow (or this weekend, really), at least not in Monroeville. The traffic alone will be insane. Maybe I'll go to Leone's for rat food since they'll probably be a lot less crowded, though they don't have the kind I usually buy.

Things I'm thankful for:
- my wonderful cats Belle, Moccasin, and Dude, and my sweet little rat-puppies Emeril and Jiraiya
- I have a decent job
- I have my own place, and I can finally live alone like I've always wanted
- I have awesome friends, even though very few of them are local
- the amazing Zaiaka restaurant, and the sweetest little Indian woman ever, Meena (she left me a voice mail last night wishing me a happy Thanksgiving - ohhhhhhh she is so adorable)
- everything I have, from the food in the fridge to my laptop to the boxes and piles of random crap strewn around my house... I'm so lucky.

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